Just add magic please

A key element of the Conan franchise is magic. It is time it be added in Conan Exile’s. Akiro the wizard would be disappointed if Funcom did the dishonorable thing and left him out once again. After all he was the only other character then Conan to be in both of the original movies and was also the narrator of both. But that’s another story! :yum:


Be patient they are adding elements of magic slowly over time.

lets look at Akiro, what magic did he use in the movie, he painted conans skin with a healing spell.

we have war paint that adds stats

a fire orb would look like magic to someone who doesn’t know what it is.

teleportation from the map room.

Conan stories have magic true, but it’s “low magic” ie magic not too inexplicable.
(the Robert e Howard stories, not the Marvel comic books)

So we just need to give them time, Magic is all around you.

And don’t forget the magic of flying rhinos. Nothing says “magic” like a 5,000 lbs. corpse sailing across the Savannah.


Elevator are dark magic artefact, just who pull you uh ? can you answer ?

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Magic elevators are great. Now we need magic opening doors and gates. Also the rhinos have way too much gas in them. :rofl:


Your statement doesn’t make sense. Elevators are easy to make and aren’t magic. Apparently your young and have yet to understand the science of weight and counter weight and pulleys.

Who’s turning the crank? I am old and understand mechanical engineering. :slight_smile:

if it was just weight and counter weight, like you say the best you could hope for is to stop half way when the weights equalize. Counter weight only makes the crank easier to turn, it never gonna lift you up, never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you. :smiley:


Once again weight. No crank needed just pull the damn rope.

you must have a different version of the game. my character doesn’t pull anything, just flips a lever and stands there. it’s almost like magic.

and even the old style dumb waiters had cranks, just the rope you mentioned allowed the turning of the crank from the platform or the floor you were on.

If the character preformed some type of action akin to raising and lowering I would give you this one.

in this schematic the electric motor is essentially performing the cranking action, no electric motors in conan
download - 2019-12-29T224329.701



You, good sir, have won the Internet for the day. :+1:


This guy :face_with_raised_eyebrow: from 1771 apparently. You are definitely older than I. My statement was sarcasm just the same, because there is no counterweight, nor no thrall to hoist you up or across, only a lever (the magic lever).

Not really I edited that statement out,
because when the scottish blood cooled a bit, I thought it was too rude.
and here you go saving it for posterity. :blush:

  1. Born 08-17-1971 or 08/17/71 so last four of my birthdate. :yum:

If done properly a pulley system properly balanced and designed can use a lever to determine the direction you go.

As for not seeing weights or anything you must remember this is a game and the devs want it to look pretty and not all cluttered like reality looks involving such things. Just like kill and loot isn’t realistic a lot of work goes into getting that meat and hide that’s just looted in the game. They want the game somewhat realistic but not completely.

Man what I wouldn’t give for an elevator thrall to make them faster…


Why not just use an elephant he’ll work for peanuts :laughing:

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GROAN. Quit trying to give pets a useable function :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My god man rush to the patent office, you’ve invented an elevator that requires no external power source.
How did you overcome the weight to mass ratio? when the platform weight is not constant?
or even if it was constant?

All kidding aside, if the player character was making a rope pulling motion like a dumb waiter, if a npc was attached to the elevator turning an axis of sometype, I would agree with you.

a weight set up, would still require external force to reset. otherwise it would stop when it reached the balance point. Something must act on the axis to raise and lower the platform, if what you say is true, no elevator would require a motor. everything would be done with gravity. Perpetual motion is a myth.

a platform that goes up and down without external force is impossible. or magic.

On an unrelated note.
you were born in 1971?

that was a good year, Jethro Tull released Aqualung, I was very keen to buy it because I enjoyed their This Was album that had released in 1968.

I was still in Art school in 71 but I did sell my first sculpture that year, it was a sculpture of a skeletal horse I carved in wax, then cast in bronze. It was quite heavy, I don’t know if I could make such a thing today.

My nephew is your age, and he just became a grandpa for the first time.
so cheers and no hard feelings mate. :slight_smile:

Dont forget about rudolph over by sinners refuge. Santa hasnt rescued him yet. So he suckin up all the magic trying to fly away. Thsts why there isnt any in the exiled lands for everyone else.

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white hand thralls .