Just returned to Conan and T3 benches are pointless waste of feat points

  1. They are gigantic and completely destroy crafting area efficiency.
  2. In the same amount of space, I can have multiple of the T2 benches and craft faster with more storage.
  3. See #1 because it really sucks
  4. Wasted feat points.

I suppose there might be some strategic value in a PvP setting, where you have people specialize in certain crafts, but for PvE solo, I can’t see any real value to them, other than the visual appearance or some material efficiencies. Personally, the efficiency is a trade off I am fine with, since I’d rather have more feats for all the armors, all my favorite weapons and a bunch of decorative crafts.

They look cool though, but yeah…
On the other hand feat points are infinite, so… they are fine i guess.


Oh right the fragments! Things forgotten after a long time away. Still, the space they use then remains my biggest issue.

Why would anyone on a PVE server care about space? Also your point is irrelevant as you claim you would use multiple T2 benches? So how does that create crafting area efficiency again?

Also you do not NEED to use feat points on them. No one is forcing them upon you.

Because we’re tired of people complaining about “massive builds affecting server performance” and explaining that no, they aren’t. Extra credit when the same people who complain about build size are people who have armies of followers in and around their bases. :crazy_face:

Not that I mind the size of the new benches. My bases always have plenty of extra space on the inside, so I don’t have to build extensions when new stuff comes out in the future.


Just to clarify, the size of bases does still impact the server and client performance, correct? I’e always tried to keep mine as compact and efficient as possible, after my very first play through that turned my laptop into a George Foreman Grill.

No, the size of your build does not have a significant impact on the server performance. The number of load-bearing pieces (i.e. foundations and pillars that connect to the terrain) has some impact, mostly because of how the stability is calculated and propagated.

And there’s the fact that the more stuff you have, the more has to be transferred from the server to the client over the network, but again, that’s not about size, it’s about density: you can stuff a small base chock-full of chests with lots of crap inside, and it’ll have a bigger impact on server performance than a large base with less stuff in it.

The size of your build can have a significant impact on the client performance, because it has to get rendered on the client, but even on the client it’s less about the size and more about the density: a huge number of light sources will make the client soil its bed a lot faster than a big castle with lots of walls.

The AI is the worst offender when it comes to server performance. People who stuff their bases full of followers are the ones usually bringing the server to its knees.


Those of you who don’t see a need for the T3 stations shouldn’t worry about using them. If you don’t see a need for them you don’t have a need for them.

But leave them for those of us who DO use them and DO have a use for them. Its not our responsibility or anyone else for that matter, to instruct you to their use. I won’t judge you all for not wishing to use T3 stations. Don’t judge us or try to take away something we do enjoy using.


As explained by the Devs in their Siptah stream, (I think that was around September 2020), they are expanding the crafting benches to offer three options:

  1. Reduce resource cost (some resources may be hard to obtain)
  2. Reduce crafting time (some folks need their stuff NOW)
  3. Reduce space (some like small, tight bases)
    (yes, space was specifically mentioned as a “resource” which is why you can have the smaller benches still and do just fine that way).

Here’s an example from the wiki on just the Armorer’s Benches: Armorer's Bench - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

So based on the statistics, the Campaign bench is x4 faster than the small Improved bench, but both are faster than the Garrison bench. So if you need fast, go Campaign. If you only sorta need fast, go Improved. And if you don’t care how long it takes, go Garrison. Flip the order if resources are the priority. And if space is an issue, just keep using the Improved benches.

Personally, when I play solo PvE in single player, the Campaign is my go-to because I can build a giant base (ie. city), but when I turn the game off, the crafting stops. So I need speed instead of waiting all day for my stuff.

Hope that helps explain the new benches.


You can still play the game and not use them. The old benches still works. And as for the size, yes they are larger, but it is still possible to build small and still have them. I rather like the extra challenge to make stuff fit.


Well said, just make sure to save that in a document, as you’ll find you’ll need to post it again in another thread in about a week or so if not a few days. This is hardly the first time this thread has popped up and likely won’t be the last.


I use “economy” bench to craft armor for my Thralls (oil and elephant hide, you know). I use “fast” furnace to get my hardened bricks NOW, and my clanmate uses “economy” furnace to save fuel. Every man to his own taste :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, so I feel pretty schooled on this thread I started. I think I am old and resistant to change. Absolutely right that "use them if you want to and don’t if you don’t. I think I was just overly frustrated having built my base with specific sizes allocated for each station, then as I upgraded to the new ones, the huge sizes really put me off. If they weren’t so big, I’d probably go ahead and invest in the material efficiency versions. I do like the new graphic models and just wish they made them fit in a single tile, rather than 3-4 tiles.

I don’t know if you are like me, but I am constantly running around far too overburdened when in my base, moving materials from one station to the next. Since the loss of our incredible encumbrance 50 perk, keeping the stations tightly packed is a huge help.

Put items in bearers and pick up place down where you want to go to easy transportation of heavy items if that helps

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