Just so everyone understands

I want to take the time to explain to everyone what happen to Thralls and PvP.

With the new patch, Thralls seem to hit you more often, they seem to be stronger, fast?

The reason for this is;
Animations no longer have a fixed direction.
What does that mean?
When you take a strike, you swing is locked into the direction that you started. you are unable to move nor able to change the direction of your swing.
Why does that matter?
NPCs and players that PvP, have the ability to LOCK on, or auto face. while this isnt that big of a deal, when you add the new patch, the lock on now keeps you locked on, and auto corrects and moves your swing toward the target. making hitting nearly 100%
Why does this affect PvP?
In PvP most moves are skill and t baits and other effects that make the player unique, now that lock on corrects your mistakes, you are now nothing more than an adv NPC. in most cases, who ever lands the first hit will win the duel.
Though there are some moves left that may make another player “better” than the other. this is almost based on luck of. more than skill of.
Does this effect the META?
Yes, in every way most weapons that dont have poking or lunge type attacks, will no longer have any use in the field. And any weapon that has a charge up or long delay before activating hyper armor will have no factor in any fights, as they take to long to activate and can easily be cancelled by a simple attack. in other words, you can no longer trade damage. tank a small hit to hit with a heavy slow attack.

in the end, the game is more simple. new players and farmers will be able to fight those that are raiders and wipers. more easily. as the playing field has been more leveled out.
Unless the raiders use a script, then, you will not have any chance to defend yourself.

As for me, Conan is no longer worth playing. Funcom direction is their own, and i no longer care to defend their ideas anymore.

Have a nice day.


In general, I like the ability to change direction mid-swing. It helps a lot with weapons that have slower attacks and a narrow arc, such as the katana’s first heavy hit.

But I’ve never used the target lock feature - I’ve tested it, and didn’t like it. So maybe, once again, the problem is in target-locking, and not in whichever new feature has killed PvP this week.


I’m not a PVP’er but I’m really not wild about the last point you make (edit: I’m agreeing with you). I used to be able to use an axe or mace in multi-NPC fights. I could generally wear down multiple lightly-armed and armored opponents. Now, too often, i can’t get a single attack off. A squad of three or four Dafari with spears are a serious threat to my heavily armored lvl 60.

And before anyone says, “Well, you should lose vs. three opponents,” I’d like to counter, “Sure…in reality. THIS is Conan Exiles! You want reality? Conan should be a a multiple amputee sitting with a beggar’s bowl in front of his tent, based on what he went through.”

It’s not killing PvP.
But it is exasperating an existing issue in dueling.
That being spam attacking with target lock on, especially during lagy times.
It’s one of the reasons this one has disdained dueling in this game for some time. It’s a question of luck with server load, connectivity, and perhaps other factors very cunning persons have influence over.
A couple years back, it was Feroxic daggers as the lag spike killer weapon of choice. They are still very good for DoT stacking, and daggers still have one of the better attack patterns, but reach is a much bigger issue now.

The hyper armour shift at the same time as attack angle correction has definitely had an impact on how things play out, and it plays to strengths of the style that was already most dominant since the new stamina roll out (inside pun most definitely deliberate).

This one does feel that PvP would benefit from having target lock disabled on those servers, or at least during raid hours. While it wouldn’t correct every issue, it would help to curb the lag as a tactical feature issue that is too common.

On a personal level, this one would much rather see hyper armour baked into armour weight rather than (or in addition to) weapon type, but that’s just wishful thinking.

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Nothing new in Conan.

Wait what? Lock on is turned on on official PvP servers?
What the shit Funcom.

Good analysis. Thank you for the warning, as I had planned to join a server or so.

Beyond all the other on-point items, including of note the obsolescence of other weapons, this pulled quote stands out for me. I thought it was worth repeating.

Ya. take a 5 pound sledge hammer, give it a good swing, mid swing change direction. See what this thing called momentum has to say about that.

It’s all about lowering the skill requirements to play the game.
Funcom tries to grasp a wider audience and boost their sales.
I won’t be surprised if we will get an AFK mode or Conan Exiles mobile client.
With each update, we move closer and closer to the Cookie Clicker/Candy Crash level of gaming.


You would be correct, the only problem is that is give +1 to all weapons. and those weapons that are already strong, are stronger as well. Now where you suggest Heavy attacking, you forget that they made hyper armor only active in the swing, not before the swing. so someone can cancel that LONG charge up attacking. that you are auto aiming with. which than does nothing.
(im a katana main.)

If they want to remove lockon, and auto facing, that may make this patch work some what. but they wont do that.

This 1000%.

Same here, when I started my first server I saw people murdering everything and everyone around with daggers…
So I simply switched off auto targeting and now sure you can use daggers, but it requires skill to keep hitting as before…

I don’t even know how it had made it to PC version, these auto locks and slowed down games are typically console thing.

Auto target is not necessary imo and is again imo is a crutch in combat.

I use daggers all the time. It’s one of my preferred weapons. I absolutely DISPISE autolock and will NEVER use it. I cannot understand how the hell anyone can play that way. it limits your ability to do…anything.

I would go as far to say it is an abomination!

I run around in course fiber bindings and stone daggers (not because I’m that low of a level, but because I like to lol). I fight 3 mobs at a time often. It’s all about movement and choosing your timing, not just rushing in swingeing. If you think you can just charge in berserk mode then yeah, you are going to get wrecked. If you move around and wait to make their attacks, dodge once to avoid and then make your attack while they are vulnerable, you will whittle them down easily. And sure, because I am using daggers the bleed helps (but your axe can apply bleed also, or you can add a poison onto it) but still, you just have to adapt your style. :wink:


This one must pick a specific nit. Axe and Mace have comparatively slower start up times for their attacks. This is extremely significant in the current interruption system.
Also, they cost significantly more stamina/attack, creating a much higher risk of getting interrupted/stunlocked and not being able to role out.

Daggers have long been the darlings of someone on the dev team and they have an excellent attack series.

Spears, with the current stunlock systems in place are also very solid.

Waiting for an enemy to fully commit to an attack and then trying to get an attack in only works well with Daggers, Spears, or Shortswords. Due to speed/reach/start up time issues. If one waits until the enemy is committed to the attack and cannot change their trajectory while using a Mace or Axe, by the time one has an attack coming out, there is a decent chance either one of the other enemies is moving in for their own attack, or if the enemy is using a spear or dagger, they are either attacking again or have flipped away… or worse yet, hit their leash distance and had a bout of ADHD and are now running home.

Simply put, these weapons are no longer very utile.
The situation is infinitely worse in PvP.
In PvE, one can rely on the fact that NPCs are imbeciles, can be draw away with ease and have a miniscule attention span and leash distance. The biggest issue being killing them before they nope out. Which is much easier with reach/quick lunging attacks.
But strategy aside…
How fun is that?
Where is the joy of playing a barbarian with a kill stick carving red ruin thru a sea of foes?

The hyper armour/interruption shift was been a nasty affair for many play styles.
As a Shortsword enjoyer, this one didn’t understand the kerfluffle at first.

But then this one dredge up an old Strength build character and stopped hiding behind the Spear.
And also stopped being able to reliable accomplish much unless a 1v1 situation could be engineered.
Maces, Axes, and Greatswords, with moveset that emphasize crowd control and hitting enemies in a wide arch or even all surrounding the wielder suffered immensely from this update.

Edit: This one is absolutely not calling for a nerf of any sort. Daggers, Spears, and Shortswords are in an excellent place right now. The Crowd control team (Greatsword, Mace, Axe, arguably Katana) needs some help to get to where they should be. The others, Great Axe, Maul, Javelins, Claws… They need so much help that it’s probably not just numbers that need to be crunched to save them.

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Fighting does seem rigid which would make sense with large heavy and/or cumbersome weapons IF this rigidness coincided with connecting damaging being utterly devastating as these weapons would inflict.

This game also suffers greatly with the lack of parry and hit momentum (shield glance into a follow up hit enhanced by spinning momentum from the force of the hit on the shield) or ( HM of a spear tip being hit from the side by a weapon tossing it wide).

These sound much more complicated than they would need to be nor would be and would make logical fighting sense in a battle. Instead we get stagger when it would not happen or not in the way it is shone and half animation stuttering (not lag) on weapon contact.

Regardless of whether it’s “killing pvp or not”… I do agree that this is something that should’ve been kept away from NPCs or toned down.

The NPC AI is technically auto-aiming and this did remove an entire playstyle of the game in PvE as well where you tried avoiding hits without using dodge.

This new ability seems to be a minor “nice to have” for players using various weapons without target lock, so indeed it’s much more pleasant there… however it feels like a massive cheat for NPCs that just changed the entire humanoid NPC combat of the game.

It feels unnatural and very very “cheat-y”, it’s just off and imo took away from the game.

Now players who ALWAYS wasted their stamina on dodges because that’s what they learned in other videogames will never notice this… so I can totally understand how some will just not see this :slight_smile:
Personally I played in an avoidance playstyle… preferring to side-step and counter-attack rather than dodge unless I absolutely had to, so with the new change it feels like my playstyle was completely removed from the game and it’s way less enjoyable :man_shrugging: (not a fan of constant rolling, it looks silly, like some circus clown, especially that most moves wouldn’t require a roll so it just looks weird)

In any case, I just quickly checked and they could’ve very easily made this feature exclusive to players so that they don’t turn every NPC to a weird aim-bot :slight_smile:


From my understanding, NPCs being given the same adjustment in aiming as players was intentional. I’m not defending it or opposing it, just pointing out that the side effect was well known early in the development process and is the reason why some NPCs did get their damage cut.

I’ll need to play around with it more to see if its really an issue. Right now stuff dies so quickly that its really hard to tell without extensive testing. And since this is simply the state of the game, I didn’t really see a need to do extensive testing on this.

Though from my experience before, the side step dodge did feel a bit… weird. It was my preferred way of dodging, but mostly because it was easy and didn’t cost anything. It felt a bit too strong. I don’t think it should be cut out entirely. But I did think it should have been mitigated. I just never brought it up before because I didn’t really have a solution before.

But thinking about it now, maybe something inbetween. Like maybe cut the time NPCs can auto-correct in half. Like lets say an attack takes 300ms to hit. 200ms of that is autocorrecting. Maybe keep the autocorrecting from happening till the last 200ms.

Numbers are just pulled out of the air for sake of argument. And I’m certain they use frames instead of ms.

“I run around in course fiber bindings and stone daggers (not because I’m that low of a level, but because I like to lol)”

"I’ll need to play around with it more to see if its really an issue. "

Incompetent g

If you don’t know then there is a skill issue

Three hit rolling thrust pike meta is garbage. The one hit mace was at least avoidable and lootable. Funcom made goomba meta. one hit mace meta. paid dlcs meta that hit for 20 more than any other weapon. Any respectable clan have 93 damage pikes bv’d every server. Pvp won’t get better probably worse

The fact of the matter is, if lock on with auto correction makes you a better fighter. it is wrong. it is like comparing a pro boxer beating children.
If funcom wants their game like this, so be it. but it is skill-less.
Will the few people (that care about conan), find a way to live with this? sure, that is evolution. still think youre a simp, but you will find a way to still play this game, and buy their DLCs supporting their direction.

In the end, If they want Auto correction they need to turn off lock on. pick one you shouldnt have both.

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