Kicking things off cliffs

I can get kicked off a cliff by a player or thrall. I can get punted off a cliff by a rhino, elephant, or rocknose. I can get tackled off a cliff by a wolf, tiger, panther, or boar. Why can’t I do that to them? I should be able to kick a thrall at the edge of a ledge and make them fall off. In stead they stick to it like there is a kid safety railing. It’s only fair. If Things can throw me off a cliff then I should be able to do it in return.


I agree 100 % we need more this is spartaaa moments


Are you kidding me? I’m constantly ending my combos with thralls falling off cliffs at the mounds. Its flipping annoying when you are farming a route and the darn thrall falls down into the water. I would absolutely hate it if this were a regular mechanic. Sounds good for single player use though. definitely not down for this where efficiency and time matters.


Thralls who are ko’ed or die can fall. While they’re alive they have an invisible grappling hook attached. Maybe the opposite would be better…


It’s not that they fall that’s annoying. It’s the fact that their unconscious bodies get stuck floating mid-air that’s annoying.

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You are right. It feels like the player has less knockback capabilities than many of the games various npcs and creatures. If the players ‘Kick’ was given a respectable amount of knockback, I believe that it would provide another layer to the games combat, in the form of greater environmental awareness. When fighting on cliffs, bridges or near lava streams, etc, make us pay attention. If an enemy is foolish enough to put themself between you and a cliff or lava pool, then they deserve what is coming to them. Plus Im warped, so I would get a lot of humor out of this addition. :smiling_imp:


Now we just need Funcom to read this. :sweat_smile:

AoC horse kicking players out of bridges, I remember having good laughs with hilarious videos of those on youtube.

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Sounds quite entertaining. I may have to look up some of these youtube videos.

On an unrelated note, I know someone if memory serves me correctly, shares my sentiments on kicking npcs off cliffs and into lava. @Necro would you care to weigh in on this suggestion?

Yes, but they will fall only if ko, as long the fighting, you can’t push them down.

I know how boring it can be, looking at the killed or ko-ed thrall, falling down, and vanishing somewhere, and you running after to loot or leash it. Water is often the worst, but cliffs and mountains are tricky to.
Maybe a tomstone for killed thralls like for players, remaining at the spot they was killed, so we don’t have to care about poofing bodies ?

That would be AWESOME!!! One problem though; when you question people about the tombstone mechanics they think its the map icon. So many people fail to realize there is a pile of rocks where they died and that change came out how long ago? There are active discussions on this forum now with people talking about their own missing dead body and im like “WHAT” lol. Anyway Im rambling; yeah thrall tombstones would be interesting to try out, maybe as a server setting first.

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I totally support this, like I said before I would love to “THIS IS SPARTA!!!” my T1 useless Thralls from the highest peak!:rofl::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


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