Kiss of the Revenant rewards

Hi everyone

I had an old character I deleted as I want to restart the game.
That old character had all the Kiss of the Revenant rewards and I want to get them on the new character too. I’m playing the Steam version of the game and the reward pack appears in Steam as DLC, but I canºt find an option to buy it?
Can these weapons still be redeemed somehow? Or are they accountwide, so because I had them on a character, I’ll just get them on any new characters I create too?


I’m not sure if you could ever buy that dlc but I do know the weapons were 1 per account, so if you redeemed them all on a character, they’re unavailable to your other characters.

Wow… that’s such a terrible mechanic… lol

I’m assuming the items aren’t tradeable between players/characters either?

No, they bind when picked up.