Lag hacking and undermeshing PC 1974 official server

there has been “some” people on here glitching into bases by throttling there network speeds. so there ping jumps to the 1000nds. and they can just walk through walls and help themselfs to what ever they like. so no need build… if the dsevs see this my idea would be for you guys to implement a ping cap. its the only way to stop this hack… its going to kill the game… half our clan has already stopped playing because of this.

The clan you recently joined, being the same clan that abused people in the server with some absolute horrid remarks, is actually in a video right now on youtube exploiting the very thing you’re stating (who also have been previously banned but using ban evasion techniques like new accounts)…and has admitted in global and local chat to using multiple accounts to hack/exploit/cheat and so on…oh and now has 4x God bubbles put up in the space of 1 hour. I should also add has caused about 15-20 players to leave the said server in the past week due to their behaviours.

I mean… sure blat… play that card i guess… how soon can your clan pack and leave? As i know my clan is sick of being the server police for this behaviour.

I’m just waiting personally for Funcom to act on the evidence presented to them.

I’ve encountered this before, I find palisades sometimes save the day.
Ping cap maybe, also being able to lock all stations on all types of servers might help if you can’t do that already that is.

I’m sick of being my server police too, just this weekend we presented evidence of 2 clans using undermesh, the same 2 clans that lag the server when you try to raid them. Guess what? Funcom said that they don’t ban that kind of behaviour. Can we stand as a community to make them change that? I’m sick of trying to get rid of the glitchers while Funcom does nothing.


They’d rather focus on the exploits than the exploiters they stated. The most moronic reasoning I’ve read to date, so we’ve pretty much abandon the official server above and moved to a private server in order to insulate from the OP and his clan.

I mean 5mins of Google Searches will give these folks a heads up on exploits but lets keep pretending that google doesn’t exist and retain the delicate insulated bubble known as this forum… as long as its just false positive sentiment all is good right… just smile and wave.

On the upside, they also i guess gave everyone free permission now to cheat on the official servers since there is no recourse…


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