Lag Spike, Freezing, CTD

Since the recent large update of 2.7gb, I have been having non stop problems with this game, which is frustrating as I just purchased it last Sunday.
Anytime I walk away from where my friend and I have set up home, I have HUGE lag spikes that last anywhere from 10 to 30+ seconds. Most of the time the result of this is me being killed. It happens randomly, I’m always doing something different or trying to go in a different direction to avoid the lagged area, no luck. Most of the time it freezes so hard that it seizes up my desktop, crashing Microsoft Explorer.
A couple of other things: It takes ages to get past the initial opening cut scene after starting the game. I usually have to sit through the entire thing before it’s able to load up, before the update I was able to skip this and get into the load screen within seconds.
Loading into the RP server I play in takes anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes, generally resulting in being disconnected from the game due to “lost connection”.
I have tried:
Verifying game files, no corrupted files found.
Uninstalling and reinstalling the 2 mods the server runs (Pippa & Fashionista)
Every setting combination possible, including fullscreen/windowed options.

Every other game on my pc works fine, ARK is the other game I play heavily and I have no problems with it.
Any recommendations? Next step is going to be a full reinstall tonight, but if this is a problem that will come up again, I am not going to spend my days reinstalling a game just to RP in.



Operating System Version:
Windows 10 (64 bit)
NTFS: Supported
Crypto Provider Codes: Supported 311 0x0 0x0 0x0

Video Card:
Driver: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
DirectX Driver Name: nvldumd.dll
Driver Version:
DirectX Driver Version:
Driver Date: 6 1 2018
OpenGL Version: 4.6
Desktop Color Depth: 32 bits per pixel
Monitor Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
DirectX Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
VendorID: 0x10de
DeviceID: 0x13c2
Revision: 0xa1
Number of Monitors: 2
Number of Logical Video Cards: 2
No SLI or Crossfire Detected
Primary Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Desktop Resolution: 3840 x 1080
Primary Display Size: 18.90" x 10.63" (21.65" diag)
48.0cm x 27.0cm (55.0cm diag)
Primary Bus: PCI Express 16x
Primary VRAM: 4095 MB
Supported MSAA Modes: 2x 4x 8x

Sound card:
Audio device: Headphones (High Definition Aud

RAM: 12236 Mb

UI Language: English
Media Type: DVD
Total Hard Disk Space Available: 2358447 Mb
Largest Free Hard Disk Block: 733860 Mb
OS Install Date: Dec 31 1969
Game Controller: None detected
VR Headset: None detected

Did you make sure to update your mods :slight_smile:

Yes they are updated

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