Lagging/Desync Persisting through Release and Getting Worse in Some Cases


I figured the major issues would have been fixed when Funcom released the game; but, oh nay nay. I find that the lagging and desync issues (particularly when moving in sprint mode, but not always when sprinting) are still horrendous. I have tested the issue on both low-ping and high-ping servers.

The “rubber band” effect is crippling (literally at times) when it comes to playing the game. One major example is when placing foundations from a high point and moving forward very slightly, a step or two, per se, to place the next platform. When you were to move only a step, flashing/rubber banding pushes you forward 5-6 steps off the platform and falling to your death or losing a lot of HP.

Again, this happens on both very low ping (30-ish) and high ping (150-ish) servers alike. I’ve also tested the issue on both lowly populated and highly populated servers, both official and community servers. Granted, the issue does not happen on all server

If ANYONE knows a helpful fix for this issue, please share with us here so we can stop being frustrated at the game and actually enjoy our time in it. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


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