Land Claim in Coop doesn’t work!?

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Im new to Conan and started a coop game with a friend (I’m on steam and he plays on pc with gamepass)
Yesterday we build a little house 5x5 with sand foundation etc… but there was no message „you claim that land“ or „ you entering our land“.
And we never get purged/attacked…
Now I think maybe there is something „wrong“ with the claiming system or server settings.
I didn’t changed anything setting for the coop server, it’s all standard.
Is that normal? Are the any notification settings I need to change?

Before patch 2.5 I’m sure there was this message…

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I may be misunderstanding what you thought you were going to see, but there is no “you claimed that land” message. Neither is there a “you are entering our land” message. Never has been.

As for the Purge, a 5x5 sand foundation hut is likely not large enough/attractive enough for the Purge at all. In addition, the Purge is not instant. You have to let the Purge meter increase.

Hmm ok
Im really sure I have seen this message on gamepass version of the game!
Is there a purge meter???

The purge meter should be at the bottom of the middle column on your inventory window (the column with your character in it). As I understand it, when the bar fills up to the first divider you become eligible to be purged and it will happen some time before the bar fills to the final bar.

However - this is a bit up in the air right now if you happen to have built on the south side of the river - from what I understand of the patch notes for the latest patch, the south side of the river will no longer receive purges at all.

If you’re eager to get a purge, you (or your friend, whoever’s the host) may want to slightly speed up the purge rate - certainly in single player I wouldn’t expect to see a purge for quite a while after I start, and I’d guess co-op would be the same. To change that, the host would have to be in the game itself, then hit escape, and choose the Server Settings tab, then ‘Make me admin’ (right in the middle of the screen when you enter ‘server settings’) and then they will be able to make adjustments to the purge settings (and any others you might want to change).

There is actually a server setting for this: DisableLandclaimNotifications=False. I will double check if it is available in-game as well.

EDIT: Yes, there is:

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Yes we built in the south of the river … a few hundred meters of the starting point. So there will never be a purge, right?

The private server I play had the land claim notifications working on the Xbox version, but it’s a bit buggy and seems to keep turning itself off

It’s pretty cool to see the banner letting you know what clan owns the property when you roll by.

It only works for named clans though, if you go into someone’s land who isn’t in a clan it’s just gives a giant string of letters and numbers where the clan name should be

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From the patch notes it seems that way - though there are still questions a lot of us have about exactly where that extends, and whether there might be ways to deliberately trigger one. This is a very new change so I’m certainly not sure yet about the details.

Oooohhh yyyaaa. Totally forgot about that.

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