Land Ownership!

Think you guys should go back to the drawing board with land ownership. Owning land is too easy and building up the decay timer for that land is even more overwhelming. As you level, owning land gets even more out of control as you can load up with resources and build more foundations quickly. People still grief on the PvE and the PvP servers. Even if you destroy what they build, it costs you more than it costs them to rebuild it to grief you all over again.

So for the suggestion, make people build a land plot sign, something that’s a little difficult to make, before you can own any land. Maybe it can even be an alter. Afterwards, you should be able to increase the radius of your land ownership based on your level. Being in a clan, you can increase land ownership even further. I donno, just add anything, but not this current garbage system.

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I don’t think it should be difficult to make but instead it needs to be limited to 1 per player. If you deploy a new one the old one should be destroyed automatically. The same way it handles bedrolls would work nicely. I also think it should be up gradable. Handle it similar to alters where you place the material inside and build the upgrade and it changes the appearance automatically. Perhaps tie the upgrades to purge tiers. So upgrading increases land size and protections it also draws more attention from stronger enemies for the purge.

Making an alter is not difficult, you can still build a house but your land wont be claimed and your buildings will decay within a day. Think that’s fair.