Landscape/Scenery Change (MAP ILLUSTRATION)

Castle/City landscapes

  1. Highland and Snow Landscapes that are flat plains with one or two large Hills
  2. Highland and Snow Landscapes that are on cliffs by the Sea
  3. Caverns that are below a cliff, near the Sea
  4. Minimal animal spawns, mainly just trees and additional Highland/Snow Landscape for Youtube/Twitch Builders. This Area would not be strategic, but merely for Aesthetics (a gift to the people who wish to build new and classic Castles).

I have suggested similar ideas in the past, I know that the Devs have stated that they do not wish to add a new region, and I understand why that could be tricky and time/resource consuming. However, there are many of us who wish to have an open area with minimal cliffs getting in the way of castle/city builds. Nearly every location in the current game map is littered with cliff sides, especially in the Highlands. It would be nice to have some flat landscape. PLEASE consider this as I know I am not the only one asking for it. You guys have no Idea the potential this game has! :heart_eyes:


I’m down for this if they also increase the player cap significantly. At least 70 man servers.


I don’t think they would increase players to 70, Though even if they did I feel like it would be way to laggy.

Nice catch, even that area being used for dungeons, having the surface part would be great aswell, the bigger the playfield, the better.

I even wish they could push far the greenwall overal the map, west and south of SepCity there are those awesome dunes it would be great hiding spots.

I know the devs (and Jens Eric) keep saying they are not going to add another region. But there is nearly no flat/plain locations in the Highlands and Snow area. The area around New Asagarth would almost be ideal for a flat location. But currently its plagued by random surrounding cliffs that server little to no purpose other than being in the way. I’ve been considering starting a Youtube channel to start building castles. Would love to have the above mentioned locations variables. Plus there needs to be a Dragon Cave. Just sayin.

Also, there are some awesome locations that have aqueducts in the background. While I love the lore of Conan Exiles, and the aqueducts serve a purpose there, but they are kind of an eye sore against building castles in certain locations.

I can sympathise with this. While Funcom has said that the north eastern area is for dungeons, it would be nice to see some of the biomes extended; especially the Highlands. Im also still holding out hope for some new ones in the future, even if theyre not overly large. As such I came up with an idea for one, the ‘Black Marshlands’ (Bog) biome, in my most recent suggestions list. In youre interested give it a look.

was expecting north would be used for fjords to hunt trolls, or naval update wich i pray for xD

its too flat in my taste, looks like netherlands, i mean best buildings are those who are build naturaly in world, wich have curves, sry flat earth society. building should be chalange, ie how the hell they didnt be able to raid me,how survive purge /when they patch it/ but some new lands we all wanted here

also there are a lot of nice flat spots

Again, I don’t mind building on/around cliffs. Its easy in this game. But having a city near a coastal cliff in the highlands or snow would be nice. Feels like every flat area in the highlands has some random cliff or aqueduct in the background. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a large area on a cliff. But the aesthetics are lacking because of this. You build on one cliff, theres another cliff nearby that makes that place strategically bad place to build (if you think about it in those terms)

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