Large chest doesnt count as landclaim

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A few months ago i reported the horse stables as they didnt count as landclaim at all, the enemy did be able to block my stable in with foundations straight next to it… (Lovely griefers)

Guess what, a group of players left the server and did wanna give me their stuff.
I did place 5 chests on the ground at sinkhole.
Than the enemy did show up and blocked it off with sandstone foundations and ceillings. (No raid time)
The litterly did have the foundations 1cm away from my chests, my chests didnt have a single percent of landclaim.
(Did need to break the game rules to empty my own chests, thanks to those that found the game breaking content wich saved my game this time.)

Is this ever gonna be fixed, or is it normal that players could grief that easily?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a large chest
  2. Let the enemy place their foundations next to it.

Pallisades don’t claim land either

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Same happened with horse stables like 9 months ago, i did report it. They said it got forwarded. Im curious if it got patched already.

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There has not been any recent patches for playstation that I am aware of.

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