Last update broke game

**Game mode:Single-player
**Type of issue:Crash
Server type: PvE

Today, after last update I got a trouble described below
1.Glitches with textures
3.Entering to dungeon cause crash with fatal error
4.And yes, I tried fresh install of game, and disable all mods

Have you also verified files, and maybe rebooted your machine. :question:

I got fatal errors consistently while trying to enter the Den of the Wolfmen vault. Haven’t tried any others yet.

Yes.I did it

I am not experiencing any crashes. How did you disable the mods? Did you delete your modlist.txt to make sure no mods are loaded. Which dungeons are crashing for you?

You can provide the ConanSandbox.log in order to take a look, however be aware that by doing so, we will be able to see some of your personal information such as IP, FuncomID, etc.

Hey there,

We’re aware of the texture issue and that’s being fixed in an incoming hotfix.
Regarding the crashes, are you playing with any mods?

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