Latest Hotfix With Only Minor Fixes?

Game mode: [Online | Co-op]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU/UK]

Noticed we only just got a hotfix not too long ago, which fixed the co-op player taking control of the host, and the muted brown hair. However, there is serious delay in audio, enemies and assets glitching back and fro, nudity still only being available at “Partial”, and player characters freezing when attacking.

There’s also Isle of Siptah content now in the create menus, and I know that isn’t due to be released yet on console.

I am a huge fan of Conan Exiles, having played on PC for well over 100 hours, and now on console with pals and my partner. I see that the PC version gets hotfixes left, right and centre all the time, yet there’s so many bugs still on the PS4, and it’s a shame that one end is getting all the attention and not have it be spread out.

I hope that once they get a stable version of IoS out on PS4, there’ll be more regular hotfixes for the console versions - but in saying that, some of us in the community have had to wait a long time for this very minor hotfix to find there’s still a lot that needs ironing out.

Hotfixes and patches just need to be thorough and playable. We can all deal with some bugs, but when they’re causing gameplay to be janky or unplayable, it’s offputting.


On the XB side of things, we roared and rallied to have stability added, alone. No new content full of new bugs, was requested by the players, just stability, thats all we wanted. FC ignored us and went ahead with Bad Decision #2,684,563. They pulled the same thing with PS. Added parity content to an untested stability patch, had it fail certification for over a month, and released a whole new batch of bugs through the exiled lands…oh well, on to Bad Decision #2,684,564…


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