Leaving a clan and losing your belongings

Why must i lose all my belongings and bases that i had before joining a clan! This is B.S.! i should not lose my stuff to clan i don’t want to belong! why should they get to keep my stuff! This is garbage! This should be fixed and/or changed! I worked hard for my bases and belongings i shouldn’t be punished for leaving a clan!

This has been this way forever. When you join a clan any and all of your personal items other than what you have in inventory revert to the Clan. If you then leave the clan you do not get to cherry pick what you want back. Imagine if that were the case, people could join a clan, loot it, then leave it and get all of thier buildings etc back. Before joining a clan you need to really weigh your options and make sure it is the right choice.


This is how the clan system works, take the time to read the in-game warning.

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If you want to leave a clan, do this:
Change your attribute to +50 in Encumbrance. Pick up all the stuff in your house including crafting thralls.
Then leave the clan and go to where you want your new house and put the stuff in there.


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