Legacy mode for conan exiles (2020)ish

Ok so basically yknow how minecraft on ps5/4 has a “legacy” mode where you can play old minecraft. do basically that but conan. but 2020 conan. where dalinsia was able to take out arena champ on her own? with 18k health. it would be hard but i believe it would make the player count and the happiness go up.


I am afraid that isn’t going to happen it would have to be a offline version and they can’t get offline to work properly. @TyrenPlays Welcome to the Forum

I always love these arbitrary versions people want. When I think legacy, I think desert biome only and thralls had no levels and couldn’t equip gear


You know that past version of CE I would want?

I’d want FC to produce a map of the Exiled Lands as they were when the Giantkings ruled. Let me build and raise a small village to lead an uprising of my own against the oppressors! Let me see the grandeur of the Arena before it was swallowed by the sands!


The settings panel effectively allows you to have the experience the OP is looking for.

Setting thrall damage taken to 20-25% would give them what they are looking for. Zero dev time needed.

Steam allows you to download any patch version you want. For any game. As long as you own it.

Check DepotDownloader. It’s a free .Net CMD tool that does the job.

On SteamDB you can see all patches:

You will need both binary and content repos, unless you are planning to download an early access version (from 2017).

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Yea, i would like this too

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