Legendaries’ Special Effects

This is a thread for players to find what each legendary weapon actually does. The wiki is pretty horrific, and before I knew all this, I looked for it and never found it. So here you go. Don’t bother posting what the stat boost legendaries do, they’re pretty self explanatory.

Drunkard’s blade: puts a stack of drunk on enemies with each hit

Lying Bastard Sword: looks like a sword, handles like an axe

Rage Hammer: deals 60 damage to structures with each hit

Riptide: breathe underwater while equipped

Jedias Greatsaber: hums and glows

Warspear of the Black Circle: uses less stamina but has less armor pen

Dagger of a thousand bites: less stamina usage on lights but more on heavies

The Watchblade: more durability

Predatory Blade: ~60-70 damage on light attacks but 1 dmg on heavies

Sword of Crom: 91 damage but drains all stamina in one swing

The Festering One: stacks poison with every hit

Glimmermoon: glows

Forgelight: glows

Akbitanian blades: more durability

Daggers of Nameless Days: same as Daggers of a Thousand Bites

Misha’s Bite: the same as Daggers of a thousand Bites

Other ones are either self explanatory, im too lazy, or I don’t know. 1h maces are a gray area for me, please add to this list if you know what any of the others do.


Thanks for the information. I am confused as to what the legendary 1h mace “lovetap” does. I thought it was a truncheon but It was less effective than a steel truncheon. It applies a lot of sundering but no use other than that.

Am I missing something?

R. Crabapple

You might have forgotten to put a blunted weapon fitting on it. It’s definitely meant to be a truncheon, but it has more range, sunder, an extended combo, and more stun lock because of its mace properties.

Better than dancing around with the truncheons imo :monkey_face:

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Heated Argument adds heatstroke to enemies with every hit.

Only one I can think of off the top of my head.

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Hey Chump, I appreciate this compendium and have learned quite a lot already. However – and I don’t like anybody telling me how to post, so please take this as an observation – if you went easier on the Wiki, I know I’d feel better about participating in this thread. It’s a volunteer resource, good people are doing the best they can.

Anyway, does anybody know whether Frostshot is supposed to do something? I can’t seem to get it to do anything but standard injury.

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It has more armor pen. There’s a lot of weapons like this (maybe one in each weapon type?) and they all only give 1% or 2% extra armor pen. Kinda lame for a legendary imo

Ty for the info, I have been wondering about the weapon effects

Not that i remember. I was always hoping it could be used to drop ones temp when you hit them. Like 1 point per 10-15 s, stackable. Be great to forstbite someone with a machine gun of arrows lol.


Frost arrows from ymir supposedly do this, although they have low damage and I haven’t tested it myself.

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