Legendary Armor Patch Kit has met its match

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Here]

I assume that this one is a bug. However I may be mistaken. The Legendary Armor Patch Kit will not repair/work on the Flawless Turanian Shield (see below). However, I am still able to repair it with Starmetal bars, so a workaround does exist. I wouldnt call this one a priority, but just letting you guys know.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to use the LAPK on the Flawless Turanian Shield

Shields use weapon repair kits.


Confirmed. I had traditionally always used raw materials to repair them, and genuinely never though to try and use a weapon repair kit. :man_facepalming: Primarily because to me a Shield is a piece of armour. But Im not going to argue which category it should or should not be filed under. Well this has been one heck of an oversight. Cheers Gnadolin. :blush:

Edit: Legendary Armor Patch Kit remains more than a match for any challenger!

Plus you don’t need to repair them on a working bench, as long as you carry the repairs with you, you can repair everywhere. Try not to do it in the middle of a fight because it takes some time and you are not able to use the shield or the weapon.

what mods can we put on shields?

The last months i don’t use shields at all. Though i am an axe player (one handed), i don’t use shields. Especially since the dodge system changed and i use finally heavy armors, shield, no way. Anyway i only said that because i don’t follow shields the last 3 months. However, when i was upgrading the shields, i remember that only the reinforcement was able to patch on them.

In game you use the shield as a weapon to :wink:

If it’s a legendary shield on PVE, paring kit might be your friend :slight_smile:

right on, thx guys 8]

Aye, that I did already know that one Stelagel. I only tried it because it wasnt working in my items* (for obvious reasons), so I thought to myself ‘ok, we will try it on the Armourers Bench then’.

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Sry if it sounded insulting, not my intention at all. Thank you my friend for your wonderful posts.

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No offence was taken at all Stelagel; I promise. :innocent: I was just clarifying the reasons why I did use the bench, which probably had a few people scratching their heads. Kind of a for the record thing. Oh and dont worry, we value your posts too buddy.


Just for info: The Blackblood tools also need the weapon repair kit, because there is no tool repair kit :wink:

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