Lets discuss about axes and knives?

i am packing my bag last to go for a picnic but i didnt get which knive i will pack for food cutting and which axe is i want to pack for safety meassures. anyone tell me which one is best?

axe :yog touch for conan exiles, annoying shard for siptah
note axe are not to use in pvp, due to change those 2 years axe are no more part of pvp fight

daggers; daggers of nameless days (apply poison on it) or disease daggers as heartblood in exemple (all are legendary weapons that you get in chest), carftable daggers are nearly all the same, dagon dagger for conan exile is the choice to do for craftable dagger, or poisonous daggers
sitpah ; feroxic daggers when fully upgraded, or diseased knife

also not dagger but close : bersekers blades can be good to, as black claws too

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