Level 60 is boring

Level 60 is boring. Houses at a height with domes can not be planted, because you do not get up, and the gods against them are useless. the dome is simple to manufacture. He must run after the touch of God. And its value must be at least 5000 spiritual forces. Resources for 500 spiritual powers, I can collect in 30 minutes.

Level 60 can be taken to the clan in 6 hours. And you do not know how to do this? Jokes aside? I do not see any corrections.
Funkom, create a base at a height, protect all the places with spikes, which you can climb, turn on the dome and show how you will take such a base. Do you understand that the dome will be eternal? 500 forces do not have problems for one player in 1 hour. The dome should not be protected from the gods. Only for
trebuchet. Imir God is useless even against the building t2.
Conan at level 60 looks like this. All have 3 domes, all bases are at the height, and people come to update the dome and all that.

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What? I could not understand much of this post except you are bored.


He is saying that people can build impervious bases that are impossible to damage and easy to maintain that way.
I am not level 60 but according to him:

  • You can achieve level 60 with the help of a clan in 6 hours.
  • You can build a fortress on a high plateau and install anti-climb walls on it that makes it impossible to climb up.
  • The dome is easy to maintain and makes a base impossible to destroy with gods or trebuchet. All you have to do is log in every 35 hours and reapply it and no enemy can touch you.

So I guess what he’s saying is that end game raiding can be a stalemate where all sides have impervious bases.


That makes a lot more sense.

Thanks for the translation (although i actually understood surprisingly well the original…)
Thanks for teaching me the word “impervious” :slight_smile:

Just wait until the Purge system is fixed. Then the cliff-top bases will be attacked by enemies who crawl out of the foundations.

Also, make your own fun. Now that you can survive, what do you want to do next?

Poison orbs and a sandstorm mask would annihilate them pretty quick, right?
I don’t think anyone that’s established would have a problem with purges inside their base.

It really makes no sense how skeletons are affected by poison and bleed…

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That’s only true if you can always be online during Purge times to defend your base. The current setting on Official PVP is that Purges will happen to you at a minimum clanmates online of 0. So they can hit you while you’re AFK. Doesn’t matter how established your base is — if you’re not on for the 20 minutes or so that a Purge spawns enemies inside your inner sanctum, then you’re going to get wrecked. Crom forbid you’re AFK for an hour, and you’ll return to find that you’re missing a base.

All the big clans have their Purge timers up at maximum, because there’s a bug with the Purge that doesn’t let it run properly yet. So as soon as Purge is fixed, it’s going to be the Purge-pocalypse. I’m expecting we’ll have to defend against 5 Purges before our meter goes back below the bar. Luckily my clan is full, and we always have about 4 active players during Purge hours.

Once the Purge works, it’s going to be especially vicious against cliff-top bases.


Ah, gotcha. I had no idea purges could spawn while the entire clan was offline. That’s kind of crazy.
I guess they’ll need to cover the floor in vapor traps before logging, but it seems like that’d only handle one wave.

Yeah, haha. That, or place dozens of fighter and archer thralls in the great hall. Purge will be a big deal and fundamentally change the way we build our bases, once it finally starts to work correctly.

I wonder if it would be possible to design a base where the purge spawns inside of a pit with spikes, then have your archers surrounding the pit.

I’m gonna have to play with some designs once they fix purges, and I hope it’s soon. I haven’t had one in weeks.

ty man!) rly))))))))

Can NPCs die to Yog pit…?

I doubt it. I’ve stood in the fire before. It did nothing.

It has been one week. Know what kills bases? People making their bases having a god shield as a requirement for defense. One day you will get bored and leave, or not log in and it will get smashed. Attrition destroys all bases.

There is no such a thing as ‘‘impervious bases’’ IMO. If you really wanna destroy an ‘‘unreachable’’ base, just get in their clan, then destroy the base from inside. If they are not playing by the rules, just break the game :sunglasses:

Wait til skeleton dragon spawns inside ur base

He’s a pushover. :slight_smile:

guys it is not impossible. You Need to break the anti climbing with a trebuchet then you can orbs it. Yes it is hard but thats how it should be if you want to get to all the Juice inside someones base.

You are welcome to try.