Level Caps on Serpentine Armor Quests

I would think the caps would be the same as the dungeon in which the target lives, but I’ve been hearing some people being unable to get a quest even when still being in level range of the dungeon.

Can we get a list of level ranges for each of the quests?


Level 25’s can get the Abmouth mission and level 60’s can get the Aztur mission, so for max level you should be fine.
There are however minimum levels to get the missions. I don’t know the exact minimum levels, but I remember 30 being too low for Aztur, while 45 was fine. Then 45 was too low for T.I.M. but 60 was fine.

Coh cerubin caps at 110 , even if you can get warped inside the npc won’t give you quest. So if I recall it’s 90-110

Wait, there’s an upper cap on the level as well? That’s just stupid, I have toons that have outleveled it since I couldnt find a team :S

Yes I found it the hard way .

I missed a lot of different pieces of this armor on multiple characters because:
I didn’t know about these quests when I started the server 3 days after the server opened and jumped back into ao and was excited to lvl.
Didn’t know these were in level locked dungeons for the quest and leveled past.

I wish FC could implement a way to get the items if you missed them, since they’re basically the best armor in the game pretty much.

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That sucks so hard, I can’t do the Cerubin quest on two of my toons now… Was hoping to just warp them in at a later point because it was so hard to get a team invite for it…

Yes, and everyone at the time was saying… don’t worry, we can warp in after 110 and kill it. There wasn’t an urgency to do it.

Lol… hell no, reroll or deal with it. :grin:

I bet they comes to ingame shop later tho.

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