Leveling too slow

I have been playing Conan on and off for years now and i have to admit that levelling is extremely slow.
especially for players returning back for the game for 3.0 who are only interested for PVP. Exp rate could use some help, especially now when officials are on x4 harvest.

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There’s plenty of boosted servers out there, not everyone is in a hurry to rush to 60.

Only interested in officials mate. Not only I am unable to find my characters who were already 60 because the many menu UI is glitched but transfers are disabled for months now…

And yet you don’t want official rates :thinking:

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Crocs and hyenas are pretty easy and give a lot of experience.

To be honest I’ve actually found the exp to be a tad too fast for a new player. And I know that sounds crazy. For the last few months I’ve been working and testing on different progression methods, and I’ve found that at 1x harvest and 1x exp, you level faster than you can get materials.

Like you’re supposed to be in steel tier at level 30-35. But you’re likely just getting a stockpile of iron. By the time you get a good amount of steel. You’re 50-55 and need that in hardened steel.

Many skip making steel and just farm it from Nords and Cimmerians for this reason (and they give exp on top).

The leveling system admittedly needs an overhaul.

Official exp rates are ironically too high for exp. Though it might be fine at 4x harvest if that’s where they’re at atm.

Are gray apes still an Xp glut?
This one used to swim out to the docks the Witch Queen’s back yard for alacritous leveling when need be. But it has been a patch or two.

I personally felt like they took a tad bit too long to kill. But I haven’t been on EL in a little while. Usually siptah or savage wilds.

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guys official x4 gather rate is forever or just for this free week (for advertisement purposes i assume)?

No it’s not… it’s extremely fast, this game always had an extremely fast leveling to where you couldn’t enjoy the actual game and 95% of items became useless clutter since you could just skip through the whole “iron” and “steel” age very fast if you wanted.

Exactly!!! Which is why I did my recent playthrough on a 0.1 XP rate lol :smiley: You might think it’s slow… heck… even I thought it’s gonna be super slow… cuz initially I did it to “disable” progression so I don’t go too ahead of the person I was playing with when they couldn’t play for a bit, but I just ended up liking it and leaving it as it is…
Pretty much feels like the NORMAL progression of your average MMO… and the game was actually much more enjoyable so I recommend it :stuck_out_tongue: You find a use for all the cool recipes you usually skip. And considering it’s 10 times slower than the normal progression yet still feels quite okay, I really wouldn’t say this game has slow leveling, not even with consideration to the subjective nature of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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