Leveling up in co op server

Hello everyone.

I have a question.

I play Conan in co op with 2 friends since some days ago. We have different schedules, and I can play with the host much less than I can actually play. This makes me be in a much lower exp level than the others.

Is there a way for me to level up my character there faster? Or leveling it up in another server (i.e. my own solo server) and use it in co op after?

Thank u in advance.

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The best way is to split the bill and rent a dedicated server for you and your friends. Some time ago we rented one at Nitrado, it’s good and not too expensive for 2-3 people. You may set password so no one will join it without your permission.


Coop has tender distance, of course there are ways to go lvl 60 in a few hours, but you need to be all together! The other thing is that you can share experience but only if all of you hit the target, you do not share experience just because you are close! So,
Go to jungle and kill all the mobs.
Go to unnamed city and kill skeletons.
Use legendary weapons to kill faster.
Then again the host can adjust the parameters so you will take experience easier :man_shrugging:.
But, no matter your level, if you hold a legendary weapon, you will see great difference in your fights and lvl up :wink:.

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If you don’t end up renting a private server (i can recommend it for console, at least) you could try completing as many journey steps as you can (top right corner of your screen) or gathering advanced materials. That is, if you wish to close the gap. You could of course also hunt certain targets in coop, but that won’t close the gap as much i think, due to the tether and potentially shared fights/exp. Though hunting/killing IS a good way to earn exp.

Regarding harvesting in most central and mid-western parts of the map, if you see a black hunk of rock for example, it’ll most likely be Coal. Terrific as a fuel, somewhat uncommon but not rare. If you’re feeling cheeky you can make a dash to each coal node you see, and harvest it for exp gain a good step above iron nodes. I don’t know how restrictive the tether distance is, but you could also try popping in a few caves in the starter areas along the river and harvest some odd coloured rocks inside the caves.
It’ll yield a much needed material for yet again, a fair amount of exp.
If you’re already further up north, you need only explore and harvest whatever looks out of the ordinary. Fights get tougher up north, but odds are you’ll get good exp for it, if not a fun actual experience.


Ok, I’ll take everything into account. Thank u for good advices!

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