Lightning Storm should not do building damage

You’re insinuating that because mats are involved it is therefore equal. Then you go on to assume that the spell should be easy to cast and have a low cost because that’s the state the spell was released in.

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because the only way to defend against it is to sit in base with darkness spell rdy? So every day as a Solo if you decide to have a base you will have to sit in base 5 Hours to ensure nobody wipes your base…

How exactly is that the same like before? i never had to sit in my base in raidhours to guard it… i had allways enough time to make it home if someone griefs me. The bigger the clan the lower the issue is, but in case of solo-small clans this is by far the worst gameplay ive seen in a long time.

It just happened to me litterly a day ago, on an official server lol, i just went down the mountain to pick up some iron, legit 5 mins away from base and i come back and i have a clown sitting on my base casting LS, by the time i was back i had a massive hole in my base, and we are talking about easily 50 foundations beeging wiped out, it doesnt matter that much because official is 4x now so its not about farming up new crap, the point is that it makes the gameplay horrible, Gods are nearly useless now, people barely even farm bombs now, why would they?

If you still think this is somewhat the same, then i dont know what to say… your only chance to have somewhat a decent base that you can actually leave your base with everyone are caves, and even theese are just slight protection aside from creves i think… Icecave the lighting goes just through like its nothing, dam, the bolts can hit the intirior aswell no problem.

The spell is a complete mess and needs to get disabled until its fixed. Den stated in the Forums its supposed to do even less dmg per bolt than a jar and having even less radius… But thats clearly not the case.
The spell would be fine as it is if it would only hit the outside of a base, as the spell is now the mainproblem is that it hits internal benches and foundations.

Besides that its absolute nonsense that i lightingbolt would go through a whole building hitting the floor, thats just not how it works…

Well said. It is often the case that Release features are buffed to extremes in order to elevate the hype. It would be a normal expectation to dim this either ASAP, or whenever the Community has had enough.

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Yep! PLUS…to add some gas to the fire here…with server populations at the state they are in, any advantage solos can be given to balance the might of a 10 person clan, the better.

We keep going back and forth on this PVP topic but so far…every single change has served a purpose towards a direction that apparently is just too hard for many to swallow…PVP means you WILL lose your stuff. The entire game is getting tilted away from hoarding defensive castles and towards an ever-exchanging loot pot that constantly changes hands.

Look we are all on the same team as far as PVP goes. We don’t like the state of the servers being dominated by one or two clans that are built up to excess. FC agrees and has nerfed this potential to allow easier access to these bases. So what’s the problem here? …oh you wanted your bases to still be protected…yeah those days are long gone.


Then you haven’t white-knuckled it vs 2 clans, a sleeper and 3 transfers a week. I’m not too proud to say I created “base chores” to keep me in place, and watched the Event Log like a QA dev on crack. I do feel for you because I know it’s not fun, and it’s certainly pretty hairy on servers right now.

HOWEVER, these developments present unique and counterbalancing opportunities, as @erjoh and @Firecrow have stated. They are both great solos, and their experience is really informing my own tactics. My suggestion to you is to hassle some folks with a darkness spell to let them know you mean business.

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No Mozzie… I was saying that the devs had obviously no intention making the spell hard to access or locking it behind some elaborate material list…
Their only purpose was to implement a requirement of “preparation”… so that you can’t just whip out your staff and cast it if you didn’t plan on casting it and have the leather pouches with you… that was their only purpose… the cost clearly wasn’t there to balance anything…

Again… at every turn you keep reading into what I’m typing and assuming whatever you want even if it has nothing to do with what I typed… That’s not a conversation… that’s you living in some form of denial that lightning storm isn’t here to stay and looking for people to argue with even if they didn’t say what you thought they said…

For example:

  • I never said the damage of LS shouldn’t be reduced… heck I even suggested above that the peak damage should be cut in half at least.
  • I never said it shouldn’t cost more… what I said is that dragonpowder is a stupid choice for a material… and I fully stand by that statement…

Yet you still found it in yourself to make some ridiculous assumption that I’m somehow not having an honest conversation… I was… I genuinely think dragonpowder is moronic to suggest… and that was my only reason for objecting.
Now kindly stop tagging me and stop with these assumptions please?

And yet it is the 2nd to last spell to learn (and requiring one of the most valuable reagents). Not to go back down that rabbit hole again on specific reagents but I should also point out it requires fragments of power to learn.

I think it’s obvious that not enough thought or testing had been given when they were creating some of these effects. If you think I’m reading into what you are writing incorrectly maybe you should state your points more clearly.

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I mean… I’m sorry for getting annoyed, but you’re kinda the only one doing this… Heck… @Firecrow even tried to explain to you above what I meant cuz it was obvious you’re misinterpreting it, but even they gave up after a few posts…
Either way, don’t let me stop you though, feel free to keep suggesting DP as a material, that’s what the forums are for, I already stated my opinion on it. So as far as I’m concerned this conversation is finished.

I don’t know man, many of the comments I’ve made towards you have gone completely dismissed. So I will ask you straight forward… Do you primarily play on an official PvP server?

Such as?

Nope, I haven’t for a very long time (unless you count my low level characters I made recently), however that has no relevance here as you’re talking about core game changes that affect everyone who plays the game… The official PvP population of the game is actually very miniscule compared to everything else.

That’s all I needed to hear, thanks.

Okay… lol…

Sorcery should be able to be used in raids and thus able to affect buildings. Its impact should be felt across gameplay types.

On another note to other concerns in the thread:

Two weeks now. More than enough time for all would be sorcerers and diabolists to do their work. Any emptied out servers yet? Or should we go another week? Should we come back on the 22-23rd (sorry about being a day late :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Mozzie all this has actually given a good idea since there is no difference in the benefit of different tier sorcerers , make the Leather regants consume a level 3 sorcerer or a named sorcerer to create since they almost have the same strength as a god it would be comparatively costly


Ouch. I like where this is headed.

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Devs could easily make it a special item for lighting spells and have it use the sorcerer and make the parts of it much rarer as well since the weathered skull glitch allows u to get thousands with In like half an hour I just killed a guy with a row of leather pouches which is equivalent to 25 storms


I can’t believe after all this conversation about Lightning Storm somebody from Funcom hasn’t at least made an effort to come onto these forums and clearly defined what LS is supposed to be doing vs what it is doing now and what they intend to do to fix it and how soon. Den’s response was so vague that it doesn’t leave me with with a good impression they know what they’re doing.

I’m no longer going to humor how to fix their problem if they won’t even bother to address the issue officially.

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Dennis has in another thread. The building damage is by design and will stay however he said they are going to review how often it targets buildings…and I read between the lines that the strikes should be completely random and lightning shouldn’t strike twice to be an effective raiding tool.

The hard truth many players on pvp servers still don’t want to accept. Had a guy whining on my server the other day because he got afk killed. I was like, wth, don’t go afk out in the open.

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The server I’m playing on is still pretty full… and I keep seeing new toons joining too.