List of bugs I found for you to fix

All of these bugs are found on PC, official PvP server, so no mods are involved. Some of them are checked on more than one server just to be sure:

  • Creatures who die in low-water areas (For example the area around the Mound of the dead) can’t be looted even if their limbs poke out of the water.

  • When you carry any amount of javelins in your active bars, upon death one javelin disappears without a trace.

  • Javelins and throwing axes thrown into the environment that provide an option to be picked up often show as if they’ve picked up, but do not appear in your inventory. Either make them disappear every time you miss or make them properly retrievable. This bug exists for several patches already.

  • Some spider silk patches, especially the small ones have very strange hit boxes when you try to harvest them with a sickle. Most of the time the tool either misses completely or it shows the animation of the impact, yet it still misses.

  • Inside the Weaver’s hollow cave, next to the spot where the demon spider spawns stands a small Fragment of power box. When you walk close to it an interaction option appears but when you try to use it - nothing happens.

  • Inside the areas of Underwater dungeon it’s very hard to interact with thralls and pets (Opening the inventory, checking stats etc) – the game treats those areas as if you’re underwater and only makes you drink. I noticed that if you have a human/undead thrall you can interact with them if you target their hands specifically, so you could fix this by expanding that area somehow.

  • Flying rhino corpses. You already know about these and… come on. I get it, it’s funny, but still it’s very silly. Rhinos use the same skeleton as the jungle horn lizards, which don’t have this problem. Fixing shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Kick while wielding a 2h hammer consumes too much stamina. I guess kick’s stamina cost is tied to the weapon being used, considering that 2h hammer is currently the most stamina-costly weapon type. I don’t think this is how it should work.

  • Sandstorm desynchronization. Several times I’ve witnessed a strange effect where sandstorm visual presence is detached from its actual effect. What I mean is that sometimes you walk into a seemingly active sandstorm and take no damage at all. Then there is a calm sunny day and suddenly you begin taking sandstorm damage.

  • Corpses disappearing before you have a chance to loot them is still a thing.

  • Stiff clothes is still a thing.

  • This ground spike -


I choose to believe that this is an easter egg and a homage to Master Flying Rhino from Kung Fu Panda :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This usually happens when you log in while the sandstorm is in progress. Have you ever had it happen to you under different circumstances?

Hey @Kilix

Thanks for the feedback, but could you help us relay each issue by following this set of instructions?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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