List of bugs that I have encountered

I have been playing Conan for about a month, I have noticed that every time I get to about lvl 40 the game falls apart, first playthrough: lost my firebowl cauldron, a whole house, my inventory, journey markers, map markers, ability to lvl up.
Second playthrough: game won’t autosave most of the time, lost firebowl cauldron, blacksmith bench, vault, large cooking station, fluid press, thrall’s, and for some reason my character was wearing the Stygian armor that i lost when I died in my first play playthrough, after I died of thirst.
Biggest suggestions I can make is to add a save game button to force the game to save, and make the admin panel useable so players can replace lost things and thralls

If you are on SP, Admin panel is use-able. I think you have to “set” a password in order to access it. As far as save game, i don’t play SP that often, as i only log in to test some things for officials.

Hi there Jakk, and welcome to our community. It will really help us to help you out if you can tell us what mode you play on. For example, are you on an official or private server? Or an Offline Singleplayer like myself? Because is you are, your life is about to get a whole lot better. And if so, have you made yourself Admin yet? As WhatMightHaveBeen said, we can help you regain virtually ALL of your crafting stations, thralls, armour and goodies that way; no password is required.

Now regarding saving. The game auto saves periodically. However, I am certain that it also saves every time you either place or interact with (□ button) either a Bed or Bedroll. It will say ‘save point updated’ upon doing so. I personally have 1-3 Bedrolls in my items at all times, and if Im about to enter a dangerous area, put one down and interact with it. Your Bed/Bedroll should say you are ‘bound’ to it.

We will help you out as much as we can Jakk, but we really need a few more details buddy.

I am playing on single player on the PS4 slim model, disked day one version of the game.
I actually wiped all play data clean earlier today after getting help with the admin panel, going off my theroy that the disappearing items had something to do with me starting the world on game version 1.0, as for the saving issue, I will try the bedroll thing that you suggest.
I apologise if I didn’t answer any of your questions, my reading comprehension is terrible

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Oh thats ok mate, my technology skills are terrible. :laughing: Yeah I would definately, DEFINATELY recommend updating the game to the latest version, especially as Funcom gives all major content updates away for free in this manner. It will be a big download, but totally worth it. If you dont do so, you will be missing multiple dungeons, the ability to have Pets in game, and 3 entire biomes (Jungle, Frozen North and Volcano), and more. If you get stuck and need some directions as to how to do so, or for that matter anything, just ask.

No that was fine, and Im an Offline Singleplayer (ps4) myself, so I can do my best to walk you through anything. The Bedroll acts as a portable save point, so they are always worth having. Do you know how to make yourself Admin yet Jakk? It has a number of handy options, such as making it so you no longer drop all your gear when you die anymore, which I would strongly recommend.

I was told how to make myself admin by a friend day one, removing drop gear on death was the first thing I changed.
I am up to date with the updates, the 78 hours of updating when I got the game was brutal, the most recent update only took 11 hours to complete.

Sheesh thats a lot of download time. Its totally worth it though.

Ok in that case we are probably in a good place in terms of playing the game. Pretty much as I mentioned earlier Jakk, just try to keep a Bed at your base, and a Bedroll or two in you items for travel purposes and you should be all good. If its still not saving for you Jakk, then you could have a rare bug, and we may have see if we can get a Community Managers input.

Did you have any other questions Jakk…!? If so just fire away. Otherwise I think beyond that I can only really give you gameplay tips.

I am testing the bed/bedroll tip as we speak, should I be worried about that the game freezes when I log out, since getting the most recent update?

Freeze on log out? No definately not. I always hit □ button on either my Bed or Bedroll (depending where I am) to be on the safe side before log out. But provided any gear is still in your inventory or your own storage chest, it should be fine. If for some reason it isnt, then something is going on.

Something is wrong, I can’t build, and I have to destroy everything 3 or more times for it to do anything, and the bed trick worked 2 outta 4 times

What happens when you do try to build Jakk, does it just not let you place the building pieces, and if so what does it say when you try to? And what object or pieces were you trying to build?

Also, Im sorry if these are silly questions, but I have to use a process of elimination to try and get to the bottom of it. But have you spent points to unlock the relevant Feats for the building parts you are trying to build, and did you place foundations down first?

I had the appropriate feats until they reset on me along with my stats, my stats were reset without giving me my points back

The foundation piece kept saying that it was overlapping when it was not, I could only build outside of where I had started building my house foundation

I am wiping my PS4 to see if that fixes anything, will check back with results within 5 days

This response comes much later than expected (new phone…), But after deleting all save files, and any trace of the game from my console, then reinstalling the game, everything seems to be working correctly now

Glad you got it sorted Jakk. If you need any gameplay advice just holler.

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