Lock option for slaves at crafting tables

Hi Funcom devs! I would like to suggest an option to lock the crafting tables or to block a random player to stole the slaves plotted at least. First, because there is no logical people get them as items, second, because this option limits us to create big boxes to protect our things.

I’m trying to create a village with a friend, and we made some huts like in a RPG game… the blacksmithing, the dining hall, the carpenter, etc… but we cannot use our slaves because people are stealing them all the time!

I know… there are lots of ways to protect our village. But out of raid time, for example, the guards wont attack. And we are trying to avoid creating that horrible square buildings.

Hope you don’t think “that’s your problem”, because I notice that you devs take care with the game graphics and with the mechanical logic.

And I know, there are PVE and PVE-C servers… but if you play at South America… god, there are so much lag! Giant buildings impossible to destroy and there are not many servers too. Unfortunately, I cannot play a solo/coop game with my friend. Also, we like PVP.

So, what do you think? Its just to lock the slave as we lock the chests.


Thanks for reading!


I actually support it.

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I realize this isn’t going to be what you want to hear, but either find a private server with rules you like, or play a different ruleset. PvP without limits (rules) is anathema to role playing.

I don’t care if the players can stole the items, but the slave… I cannot accept that everyone can just click and remove an NPC from his work as an object. Because we also have to put’em at the Wheel of Pain and to wait many hours for their submission.

And I don’t think they need to fight to defend, but at least to bind when plotted at the table…

I guess that could be benefical for the roleplay fantasy. If haven’t this lock option, but when an stranger tries to steal a thrall, he automatically plots near the Pain Wheel, and attacks the thief, trying to run from the captors.

Or just apply this lock button, and stops to treat the thrall like an item.

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