Logged out inside base, dead on login

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

So I logged out inside my base using Exit to Main Menu. I logged back in half an hour later and found myself back at the Broken Highway having lost EVERYTHING I had on me. This isn’t the first time encountering this bug. I am on Official Server #1513 and hope this gets fixed soon!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log out
  2. Log in
  3. Say nasty things about FC
  4. Craft everything all over again

what were your food/water levels before you logged out, idk the settings on official servers but maybe you ran out while offline…

I believe you still get damaged by sandstorms when logged off. This matters if your windows are on the same level as the floor (most people tend to build a floor with 2 titles of walls with windows on the upper title). If you are in front of the window during a sandstorm then you will take damage. Just a thought.

This might help: Login out of the game with full health,food and water the login back in dead and cant find body

Food and water were full, no sandstorm damage as I was in full shelter at the base. Even if I had died to a sandstorm (it was up north in the wooded area by New Asagarth) it wouldn’t have put me all the way back at the Broken Highway as my default respawn point is my bed.

Another weird thing is this happened after a 30min logout. Last week I didn’t log in for 2 full days and had no issues or lost items (other than food decay).

This needs to be fixed. Usually I take all my gear off, but when the server locks up and I’m in my furnace room. I log back in dead after the reboot, lost 3 named thralls and an archpriest, greater wheel, building pieces to enclose greater wheel, silent legion, kingslayer, sorrow, and much more.

Additionally, it seems like this would slightly affect server performance.

Why would you want to update the temperature effects for all players that are offline? This is going to take up a bunch of extra time per tick. Simply check only the players that are online, save server resources and squash something that shouldn’t even be a thing. I don’t freeze/burn to death in ARK while offline.

Afaik, respawn points don’t work if you are offline when you die. Did you read the link I posted btw?
Post after post where people complain about dying up north was ultimately due to them wearing silent legion armor when they logged off. (I’m not sure asagarth is far enough north tbh, but full silent legion == -25 temp adjustment and +30 vit does not proc offline. You freeze to death).

I did read it, that area by New Asagarth I was at was not in the Frostbite or Extremely Cold area. I don’t log out in extreme heat or cold areas due to that very reason you mentioned about vit perk not proc’ing while offline.

That’s why I posted this as there wasn’t anything I know of that should have caused me to die, and it has also happened to another person on our server now too.

My bro told me about this bug and that it happened to him several times. After 190+ hours playtime i had this bug for the very first time today… now i only logout after saving my stuff in a large chest… so i have to logout naked