Why does this BS happen?

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For a week I’ve tried to log in and had to suffer the fatal error bs and now I play for a few hours, take a break log back in and my toon is standing naked in a different base of mine - and all my stuff that I had is gone - rare armor, weapons, not to mention all the resources (starmetal) that I had in my inventory.

I go back to where I log out - dead body maybe? NO, nothing. Another player said happened to him.

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Hey @gamedan

Did this happen in an official server or a private server?


Does the event log have any entries that could explain this?

The main reason WHY this does happen is the following:

When you log off, your attribute perks stop working, inclduing the 20 and 30 vitality ones, making you more vulnerable to enviromental conditions, aka temperature.

What most likely happened is, that some time after you logged off, you died from heatstroke or frostbite, respawned at your bed and your dead body decayed with your loot.

This is a very old problem, happenning ever so often.

To prevent this you can:

  • Store your inventory to a chest before logging off
  • make sure your base is well temperated by placing fireplaces/glwoing sticks
  • build said base out of enviroment approquiate material (Bricks (Sandstone/T2 Bricks / T3 Brick except Khitan) cool, insulated wood (T2 insulated, Black Ice, Khitan-DLC) warm you)
  • dress appropriate to the enviroment before logging off, with a certain buffer towards heat/cold
  • Keep in mind that fireplaces/glowing sticks turn back on on server restart, so never rely on them being switched off
  • Play on a server that has bodies disappearing on logout

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