Looking for Tier 4 Thrall Crafting Guide

I’m looking for a tier 4 thrall crafting guide. I’ve found a guide on steam that lists a lot of (possibly all?) the named tier 4 thralls and their race and spawn location. However, I am not finding a comprehensive guide that also lists which exceptional/flawless gear those thralls can make. Does this exist for current state of game? If so, can someone link me to the guide – I’m tired of roaming the internet for it and only finding small crumbs here and there.

I suppose my alternative is to use admin panel in single-player game to spawn them all and check what they can do at the crafting stations… hoping to avoid that.

Thanks in advance for the insights of my fellow Exiles.

Why would avoid that? I have done it myself and found a T4 carpenter who can craft 2 branches out of 1 piece of wood :rofl:

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I suppose the main reason is that I’m running with an online PvE group at the moment, so the thrall spawned in single player offline mode would do me no good – other than allow me to associate his or her name/race/faction/tier with his or her crafting capabilities. Plus, to spawn and find the right thralls for all crafting stations would be time consuming – well, I suppose it would really just be the blacksmith and armorer thralls. Granted, at this point, if I’d done it from the beginning, I may already have my answer(s).

More importantly, its more fun to infiltrate a camp, club the target, eviscerate his pals, and then drag the target back to the wheel of pain. i.e. “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you [or dragged behind you], and to hear the lamentations of their women!” - Conan

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