Lootable unconscious human enemies

I don’t know if it has already been proposed, but I don’t think so …

Lootable unconscious human enemies will be nice!
Take away everything, including armor and weapons and leave them naked like worms!

You will ask yourself, why? About what?

I think this option can improve and open new RP/immersion possibilities for both SP and PVP.
Imagine an SP who wants to play as a thief (and not as a killer …). He could very well stun his prey and steal everything without making victims. So it would be much more immersive.

Or … imagine an SP that wants to build and use a small arena. Now his only chance is to catch someone, put him in the arena, wait for him to wake up and kill him. However, this never allows you to personalize your opponent.

  1. I want to organize a fight with bare hands … to do it I should have the opportunity to review the equipment of those who capture.
  2. I want to organize a fight between my pets and enemies, but even in this case it would be useful to be able to review the equipment and weapons of those I have captured so that I can customize the fight.

Or imagine in PvP a group of thieves who decide to sneak into an enemy base to steal without killing, leaving anyone they meet on their path naked and miserable. So it would make sense to call yourself THIEVES.

What do you think?


It’s a little bit Skyrim idea :stuck_out_tongue:

But I think this will be amazing as a mod for players, who will want to play like this, but for base game it won’t be good. Even now it’s very upsetting, when your clan is offline and someone raid your base meanwhile :rage:

And imagine that you’ll loose your personal things too :smiley:

I know Skyrim, but I never played it and I didn’t know he had this chance.

What do you say if it could only be applied to NPCs?

I like the idea of being able to mug NPCs without murdering them. When I first started playing I actually wanted to avoid killing human NPCs, just knock them out and steal their stuff (and maybe bring a few home as my new friends)… But I wanted their stuff more than I wanted to be merciful.

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This reminds me of Ark… were people do it troll you. Keep you knocked out, build a doorless room, leave you in water…

never used for what you think it will…

Its good idea, but one thats easy to turn into a tool to just screw with people. =/

NPC on other hand? taking weapon so when they wake up…lol

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That’s what I meant … :wink:

I like the idea Zardoz!

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