Lore Questions: On Demons, Hell, Anima, and the Filth

Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but, per the title, I’ve got a few lore-related questions. I know that the answers will be (almost?) entirely speculation, but I’m completely fine with that. The writing and world-building of the game is what’s got me hooked, and, frankly, I love just spending time contemplating how different pieces of the secret world would interact with each other.

Anyway, on demons: we know, through the bits of Hell Dimension lore, that demons are beings who are starved for anima, yet we’re told to “beware any demonkind that has tasted that nectar,” ie anime. I’m wondering what would happen to those demons who do get a chance to feed on anima. My assumption is that they would become addicted to the stuff and go berserk, though I’m also guessing it could just as easily be poisonous given that their bodies are no longer used to processing it. What do you think would happen? Pushing the boundary further, what do you think would happen to a demon that somehow ends up in Agartha?

Conversely, anima and filth seem to have an antagonistic relationship with each other: filth corrupts, anima purifies, yin and honey-gold yang. How would demons react to being exposed to the filth? We see quite a few demons adjacent to the filth in Kaidan, but I don’t believe we’ve seen a filth-corrupted demon before. Is it possible, or does the filth only corrupt aspects of reality created using anima?

Last question, and this is just for fun. Theodore Wicker: Lover of Demons; he cut out his heart in the process of transfiguring himself into a form capable of weathering Hell’s storm. What do we think happened to the cast-off heart? Was it consumed in the (presumed) ritual? Has it become some sort of phylactery/horcrux for Wicker’s humanity? If the heart was a magical artifact, what do you think its powers would be?

That’s all I got. If you’ve made it this far (and bother commenting), may you be blessed by the Immaculate Machine.


The dialogue and mechanics of final fight of Hell Raised might be of interest.
In which the Machine Tyrant is feeding on anima and its yellow shield called ‘Anima Overcharge’ is connected to our world, so perhaps this is what is meant in the lore by saying they “grow strong on it”.

“Your world is bleeding, bleeding anima. This war machine is its vampire, protected by the portals’ power”.

Also during this fight, anima wells break open on the ground in response to player presence. This, I assume is the nearby portal seeking sources of anima to drain, whether that be from players or the Machine Tyrant’s shield.

I would like see some filthy demons.
I assume Wicker’s heart was discarded to rot.

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Wicker’s heart was not discarded - at one point (in Hell Fallen I think?) Eblis says “I’ll find your bartered heart and eat it”, implying (to me at least) that some demonic entity keeps it on their mantelpiece and shows it off at dinner parties. :v:


Those “wells” in the MT fight are not wells. They suck anima from their surrounding, that’s why they remove boss’ Anima shield, and that’s why they damage players in Elite 5+.

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