Losing cold resist out of base

I’m wearing full vanir gear plus eye of the watcher. I have 6 cold resist…inside my base. As soon as I leave I’m down to 2. My last toon didnt have this issue. ANyone else experience this?

which style ur base is build? black ice? khitan or insulated?

Stonebrick. but my temp resist on my stats shouldn’t change with the same gear on should it? Plus my stats gear are the same as my last toon who wouldnt freeze to death when Id go north to harvest black ice.

This is honestly just a wild stab in the dark, but are you wearing the epic version or the normal version?

give us some more details about the issue… .what armour u wear (epic or normal) and ofc the location of ur base.

Your stat sheet does not show you your stats from gear. It shows your stats from your current situation. Any buffs, bonuses, etc will be reflected in your stats… So yes, moving from an insulated building to outside will be reflected in your temp resist.

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