Lost all minions. I cant believe! Wtf?

I’m from the Latin America server 2207 exiles and I just joined today and lost all my minions ALL, level 20 all 170! Rhinoceros horses, pets. I lost everything. I would like to know how they intend to reimburse me? These lackeys took years for this absurdity to happen. I need to know how we will be, please!

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Greetings Exile,

It seems the reported issue is related to the following announcement: Regarding Thrall Decay timers on Official servers - UPDATED

Question is what can you do for him. A single server roll back? That would be enough for me to give up on official server’s. @ZahMaiatt I lost my thralls on the first hiccup


No, unfortunately not. I have the video of the infraction they did as I reported.
And they remain unpunished on the 2210 server in Latin America, they do nothing. Again… I’ve lost over 100 minions

Greetings @robertolucyopradoper ,

Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here:

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I did this but it didn’t help, they closed the ticket claiming they didn’t have time to investigate, and look, I sent a video of the infraction and nothing was done, for a change. Now I surrounded an area and unfortunately I was hospitalized and in fact the siege was irregular but I was going to build it soon after, I only surrounded it to be safe and I didn’t continue because I was hospitalized with a herniated disc and I was offline for 10 days, they reported me and I I lost the 2 year loot… you’ll understand the criteria. I am very sad

Thank you for your reply robertolucyopradoper!

Could you please give us the number of the ticket you’ve opened with us regarding this issue?
You can find the number of the ticket as the tittle of the request you opened.

We’ll be waiting for your reply!


Thank you very much for being willing to pay attention to me, I have been very sad for months, I play with my family and we lost more than 120 minions. They entered exiles just to do this evil thing, and look, in PVE, they hammered the glitch, took the champion and destroyed my family’s game. Now they play normally in siptha. My ticket was 151721. Thank you very much for talking to me, I was very upset with this unsolved case and these unpunished monsters.

Taking advantage, I have another one open, this one still unavailable, number: 159644

So you got banned for build rules? Thats what Im gathering? Or was it the use of an exploit?

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I did a foundation siege to reserve an area to build, however I ended up not building and ended up suspending me for 15 days and I lost 1 year’s loot. But I’m back and everything is fine, but it hurts very annoying that this happened. All you had to do was move the area reserve I made and not destroy everything I had, which wasn’t even close to where I had made the land reserve

Ahh so you were in violation of the build rules my friend. Although it was not your intention to breach the rules, if you are allowed to do then everyone is. If everyone does it we go back to the old days of conan with it being barely playable.

I lost a base my clan and I has had for 3 years the other day because of a small hiccup in the timers. But we rebuilt in less than a day… the more you rebuild the better and faster youll get.

Im sorry you caught yourself on the wrong end of the hammer, I am but rules are rules.

Landclaiming of any form without use is bannable. This isnt Ark unfortunately

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:brazil: servers
Confira as regras para servidor “oficial” público da g-portal de construção aqui, creio que quanto a isso não há nada que possa fazer para uma possível reversão

O problema sempre aparece do nada portanto acho que você teve falta de sorte por tudo isso. Mas com uma boa picareta sempre é uma boa hora para recomeçar :relieved:
Junte todo seu clan e tenha um bom jogo :+1:

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Greetings Exiles,

Our apologies for the delay in our response. We asked our team over at our Help Center to follow up on those tickets as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience and support.


Very thanks

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