Lost all my characters

So I bought this game when it was in early access… played it for a couple hours and set it aside for a while. In 2020 I dug through my Steam library and it peaked my interest again. So I got heavily into the game in 2020 during the initial lockdown stuff going on. Had a lot of fun, really fell in love with the game. I quit playing again after approximately 400 hours of gameplay. I got really fed up with the bugs, character glitching around, couldn’t move cause my horse teleports on top of me, getting stuck and dying, losing all my gear cause of weird bugs or server glitches. Ok enough about that…

Now I decided to give the game a try again, seeing a new expansion had been released… I played it for a bit and built up a base and such, but then real life things took over and so I stopped playing again in 2021. I decided to yet again start the game back up… so here I am 2 years later after I initially quit in spring 2020. After coming back to the game I realized that I had lost all my characters I had on the two previous servers I had played on in 2020 and the new server I started playing the Isle of Siptah map on in 2021. Again official servers only. When I tried to log into them, they were still marked as favorites in the server list, but it prompted me to create new characters again.

I picked an entirely different server to start on, this time just a PvE server. I now have been playing for 4 days, kind of irritated that I’m having to level up all over again, rediscover things I had already done, etc… (I’m playing the original map, not the new isle right now). Then all of a sudden tonight I am in a thrall camp and I started being unable to move. My character was rubber banding really hard out of nowhere. I moved my horse and thrall away so I could get out of the area, then decided to log out and just restart the game, thinking that would fix it.

I log back in after an immensely long load time for some reason and I’m met with a “failed to connect to server” error. Ok. So I click “ok” and try to log into the server yet again. This time I get in, only to find that everything I had is now gone. It’s all disappeared and I’m at the starting zone in the desert when you first make a new character. Everything that I just spent 40 hours on in the last 4 days, is completely gone.

At this point… I really am tempted to seek some kind of legal action against this company. To make a product THIS defective is simply astounding. Even more astounding is the fact that in two years I see nothing has changed in terms of bugs and glitches. I was hesitant to come back after reading some recent steam reviews about people having their entire bases just wiped off of official servers without warning or any communication, but this takes the cake in my opinion. Simply just having logged in and out because of some lag/rubber banding issues and then finding everything is wiped? I ran back to where my base was, as difficult as it was being completely naked, and I see other peoples bases are still there, but EVERYTHING I had was gone. Thralls, mounts, base, items, all of it.

To say I am beyond pissed, is an understatement at this point.

I’d rather the game not exist at all, then to have it taunting me and be available to play in this sort of state. I guess I just don’t understand the severe neglect to this game title given it’s potential if it were an actual finished product. In my opinion it feels like this was released out of early access without being finished and they’ve paid minimal attention to it as possible in order to keep it going as some sort of cash cow. I can’t imagine they are making millions off this given the ridiculous bugs and the fact that PvP mechanics are basically in an infantile beta-like state.

When you have people losing all their progress and losing all their characters across multiple servers… this isn’t just an issue with one server, it’s an issue with the development going on behind the scenes.

Is funcom willing to look into this and restore at the very least my characters? If not, I’m afraid I have to permanently uninstall this and I can assure you, I will never ever ever purchase another funcom product again. I am simply too damn old to put up with this nonsense at this stage.

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I bet you won’t.


I bet I will… when a company creates something this dysfunctional to the point of continually losing progress, I will most certainly at the very least seek my money back in addition to damages.

I’m not a teenager also, FYI. Not hard to call up an attorney and ask about options and get opinions on what to do.

Hi @rscary

Thank you for giving Conan Exiles another chance and for providing us with your feedback.
Regarding the missing characters, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk so they can look into this further.

You can read more about how to submit a ticket here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures