Lost all stuff after a connecting problem with the server 3050

we are a clan of three members and we are playing on the official server 3050 (region EU) As a problem with a server connect our clan chef lost the server and than he can’t log in again since more than two hours. And after he can log in he lost all stuff…when I say all stuff I mean all stuff…he was in front of our base and nobody or something can kill himbut after he can log in he’s death and we don’t know why. His name on the game is gwintarel. It’s not his fault that he lost his stuff please check it and give him all stuff back. Specially the legendary thermo shield that we lost

Hey there @Turgron

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We unfortunately cannot offer MMO-like support, such as restoring items and so on.
In this case, your friend should check his event log to determine what caused this death.

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