Lost my character on PS4 Co-op

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I’m new to this game and these forums. So If anyone has any tips going forward with the following problem, I sure would appreciate it. Also apoligies for a long post as I’m trying to go through the details so someone might be able to point me what went wrong.

Started playing last weekend a single player game on PS4. Chose the barbaric difficulty and once I got in to the game, changed some settings more to my liking (longer Day/night cycle, and longer times of day, adjusted decay and abandoment settings etc.) Had to do this several times and seek some advise from the web on how to make the settings actually stay on without going through the fuss of changing them every time I continue the game. Anyhow got it working eventually.

Played for a while, despite having some major framerate issues every once in a while and some minor bugs and also experienced a loss of few levels and progress(must have been a save issue), but in overall I was enjoying the game. I could live with these. So after reaching level 23 or so I decided to buy the season 1 and 2 expansions.

Also had a friend join in at this point, so activated the Co-op mode for the same single player save I had already been playing. Friend joins in, all good. Yay! Create a clan so he can access the small base and few crafting tables I had build.

Game goes on for a few days. We’re starting to get somewhere and setting up a decent base now, My friend suffers a progress loss upon character death, falling Back several levels. Later as we return to the game once more I’ve now lost several levels of progress along with Gear and base buildings, craft tables etc. Okay? Quick searching on the web. Seems like a save issue? We decide to always save on a bedroll instead of just bed before logging out and actually log out and login every now and then to see if the game is keeping our progress. Seems good and solid. We decide to keep this up.

Now I just went back to continue and as usual activated Co-op at the beginning and I find myself at the character creation. Did I accidently start a new game? I’m 99% sure I chose the continue, but then you start to question yourself, right! Can’t go back at this point so I shut the game down and restart. Continue game and again I’m at character creation.

Guess I have no choice then. Create a new character, pop on admin rights, teleport to the location of our base. And to my relief, I find it there. Mostly. Crafting tables are missing, materials are missing etc. And ofcourse I can’t rebuild them now because area is claimed, by our clan, which I’m no longer a member of. My friend won’t be back until tomorrow so I don’t know if he can get back online with his character.

Again, sorry for the long post but is there any way to avoid these mentioned progress and crafting losses? Should I not adjust settings? Start a new game and activate co-op from the very first time? Some other trick? And The major framerate drops for several seconds, is that normal for co-op hosts on PS4? My friend isn’t suffering from it.

Also just noticed while browsing the addons for the game, I’m only having five of the eight that was included in the season passes. And yes, five, which was odd.

Going through the process of reinstalling after cache clean and database rebuild atm. So I guess I’m just venting out my frustration here while waiting. Maybe it’ll work just fine after all this.

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Hello @Jaqe, welcome to the community!

Are your saves backed up to the cloud?

Did you happen to switch profiles?

Could you describe the intensity and length of the framerate drops, and if they occur specifically during specific events such as having the co-op partner teleported to you or interacting with items?

What addons are you seeing and which DLC did you buy?

I had the save on PS4, but to play it more safe from now on I’ll be using cloud saves and USB now and then to save atleast some progress on case this happens again.

Good news is that the lag has been reduced by 90% and is now very rare and in no specific scenario I could pinpoint. But I guess clearing the cache fixed this issue.

My friend lost his character aswell. And now as I started a new single player game I’m 100% sure I did not overwrite it the last time, since the game warns about it severals times before you can launch. And no, I did not switch users. Mine is the only one.

We used admin tools to boost ourselves approximately to where we left off. Hopefully it’ll stick this time and clearing the cache, rebuilding the database and reinstall did the trick. We’ll see in a few days.

As for the addons. There is the season one and two on Playstation store. I purchased them both. Both of them had four addons each. My game only shows I have five. All from season one pass and Aquilan DLC(or somerhing like that). My initial thought was that one contained all the season two addons but the items I should be able to craft remain locked (for example The bloodletter items). There is that green arrow icon on the right top corner of the items on feats, which I assume means that it’s locked behind a DLC. And yes I checked that I have the requirements and levels to unlock these items.

For the DLC packs you may have to log into the playstation store and download them. They are not automatically installed. If that doesn’t fix the issue then renew your licenses from the systems settings menu.

Question about your saves. Are you able to exit the game successfully?

Some players and I have an issue where the game freezes or crashes when you exit which results in loss of progress.

Thanks for tip, went to PS store and the missing DLC’s were free and indeed had to be downloaded separately.

Saves have been solid. Except one crash, but that didn’t seem to cause much loss. The one where I lost my original character had no particular issues, as far as I can tell.

There hasn’t been losses after cleaning cache and reinstalling the game, so far.

Good to hear, I know that was confusing when I first started.

Make sure you clean out your system physically (just compressed air is fine) and rebuild your database every once in a while as this game is very resource intensive. Having too much dust in your hardware or a fragmented drive definitely creates performance issues.

Hello, i ve got the same issues here,lost 4 characters solo mode offline.
Saves are corrupted after game freeze or shutoff the session.I gonna try to make saves on usb too…
@Hugo,here i ve got 2 profiles on my ps4 n i use to switch between them
@The_Hundeprest i got so many error messages while exit the game,and some freeze too

It looks like the latest patch was meant to address this issue. If it continues for you please keep us updated.

Thank you for the answer.

I d rebuild my database too,i hope it gonna fix this issue

Played post patch and game closed successfully. Hopefully this issue is done for.

It’s also been recommended that you reinstalled the game if issues persist.

I’m going to spend some time playing this week hopefully so we will see how things are running.

One more same issue yesterday,i lvl up 24,close game,while back in game i d lost my last crafts and tames but not the level.
On the reciepes page,i had -22 points,enable to unlock reciepes.
I drink a yellow potion,but -22 points again.
With admin panel i lvl up to level 60 and the points were back.

One other detail,my ps4 seems overwarm with conan.

Question: if i reinstall the game will i have to download again the 100 giga patch??

It will install the game at current patch level. It’s something like 100gigs for the whole thing.

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