Lost sprint upgrade

I had my copy of windows go BSOD on me and I had to redo my hard disc. I had a sprint speed of 2 that I paid for with cash before the crash. Now with the game reloaded I have a sprint speed of 1.5. Any ideas how that happened?

Have you checked the Sprints window?


Also, Sprint 1.5 doesn’t exist.


It does so, does IV


Perhaps the difference between 1.5 and 5 isn’t entirely clear to you? :wink:

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I assumed it ware Sprint V that were being talked about…

as it is the First of the purchasable by :aurum:

I wouldn’t complain if I had bought Sprint II (as per the OP), crashed and the game gave me Sprint V instead.

III and IV can also be purchased for aurum, btw. It’s just II that’s marks-only.

Anyway, I assume that the OP probably bought the upgrade through the shop interface and maybe didn’t know that you can select your speed in the Sprints window.

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He probably meant Sprint I which grants a speed of 150%, it is easy to confuse such details when out of game and 150% or 1,5 (times) mean the same.