Lot`s of bugs after update

You cant kick if you are not in battle position, can`t punch too

Thralls are not spawning accordly after being killed (its taking 10 minutes+ more than before the update), at least in sepermeru

If you are using throwing axes plus sword or axe, you cant change weapons for a spear for example, you`ll have to click twice in the spear hotkey so it can appear in your hand…

The lock target camera is waaaay to low… this is annoying as f***

Throwaxes are disappearing from the hotbar and being replaced for another item after switching the weapon combo, for example human flesh while farming religion items…

Also fighting stance when idling with fists looks like stunning club+chain for me.

Movement is weird: Unless one goes into first person and back out of it, movement it like with controllers. (Instead of walking backwards, the toon turns 180° and runs towards the camera.)

These are experienced with Pippi, Calamitous, less building placement restrictions and sexiles on the server. Idk about vanilla.

Hey there,

We’re aware of these new issues that appeared with the latest hot-fix and we released a new hot-fix addressing a few of them. We aim to release another hot-fix soon to address additional issues.


We need a whole new dictionary for CE’s update cycle.
Hot-fix: What it normally is
Boil-fix: Fixes what the hot-fix broke
Blaze-fix: Fixes what the boil-fix broke, re-breaks what the hot-fix fixed
Scorch-fix: Re-fixes what the hot-fix was meant to fix in the first place, breaks something completely unrelated
Burnt-to-a-crisp-fix: Finally fixes the issue(s).

For the record, as a developer myself I know full well how stressful and sub-optimal having to release hotfixes for critical issues on a live system often is, and I’d be lying if I said I’ve never had to re-fix a hotfix, sometimes several times.


What confuses me more is how they managed to completely bork targeting and weapon equip/unequip and crom only knows what else with what the patch claimed to do.

They do not appeared mate :slight_smile: No magic in Conan exile, they are mistakes made buy Funcom. The sun appeared yesterday. Things that are in the game they shod not be = bad management bad testing.

If you say they appeared means you have no idea what you are doing
But well from 30 k players you end up with 5 in less then 6 moths so keep-it going you are in the wright direction players will “appeared”

I think, i think, funcom needs to bid for a better QA Team. More time, more resources, better skills, but there are too many continue bugs


last night update/fix was a offense to all players of Conan Exile. After 4 weeks of lag and spikes and release a fix that literally made the game not worth your time any more.

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this things piss me off, in all world with any other product we will rage and report them to authority. Well not in gaming industry, they can do what they want sell bug software and get out with it. Then they give 0 F on ppl who already buy it. After you press that buy button you are move to Don`t give a F group. And they have the callousness to make jokes about it and announce new game projects, and idiots like me buy there game with all DLC.

I agree actually! It’s an attitude that is ever so slowly changing I feel, what with gaming being well and truly mainstream, consumer watchdogs etc are (slowly) starting to pick at the otherwise firmly established status quo.

I’d love if companies had more of a financial incentive to “do better”, because whether we like it or not, money makes the world go 'round, and if “doing it right” costs more than it can expect to make back, odds are it won’t happen.

Yeah I mean that’s the thing, we can rage all we want, but as long as (enough) people continue to buy, nothing will realistically change.

It’s very easy to “ride the high horse” straight into the pit of bankruptcy, and no responsible board would allow that to happen - they’d probably be criminally liable if they did. So while it’s easy to blame the “suit men” it’s rather pointless.

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Maybe simply change the “i” to “u”?

Kinda bummed that all the updates since I’ve joined the game (couple months ago) have introduced BIG GLARING game killing bugs. I’ve been pretty pro Funcom since joining, but constant fails like this show some serious problems internally. If I were Rui Casais I would be shaking my head wondering if it isn’t time to do some realigning of my management team.

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