Lots of players seemingly banned for incorrect crom coin balance

In discord, several players are reporting their accounts incorrectly banned because of negative crom coin balance. Some (like myself) are not banned but have had crom coin balance reduced for no proper reason.

All of these crom coin balances are incorrect, and thus the ban is also incorrect. Some of these accounts have never even had as many crom coins to begin with as the game claims.

EDITx2: TL;DR: For those who are affected and have not yet created a support ticket, use this link. Report using the “ingame purchases” category

EDIT: Updates to the issue, please note:


Hell yeah, got banned and need to pay 38000 + crom coins to get unbanned ? I never failed a transaction


Same problem, to be safe it is better to send the email with the data plus the screen shots of successful purchases

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There is no official Discord, it is an officially-recognized unofficial fan Discord.

Hey everyone, I don’t have a specific update at the moment but wanted to let you know that we are aware and looking into the issue.


well most everyone in there is saying they got banned.

Do screenshots of successful purchases even help if the game is claiming higher negative balances than the accounts have ever actually purchased? Seriously, what the f.

I mean, look at this:

It feels like someone hacked Funcom servers and wrote a program to pull numbers out of thin air into the negative balances.


I also received an unjustified ban and a negative coin balance. “Great” start to a new chapter :frowning:


SAme here. I hope they can fix this fast…

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yeaaaaah thats meeeeeee xDDD

Please fix asap :pleading_face:

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Got banned as well for the above stated reasons, I am sure they working on fix…just sucks for right now

was waiting for this update to play and now i hope we all get unbanned without any problems

Yep, I got hit with the same ban as well. xD

Hopefully this gets fixed and doesn’t stay an issue for long.

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I was gonna say… Good to see they are aware and this will be fixed.

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Help is also spellbound

Strange this problem did not happend in the test server. It seems live and test are not the same …

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I didn’t get banned, but I don’t understand why FC got rid of my 3840 CC?

Isn’t the fault that FC offered a discounted CC recently and SOMEONE at FC forgot that something should be done about it in AoW3?


FaelCom strikes again :rofl:


glad they are working on it, also very happy they launched on a Thursday morning


I don’t know where the morning is, but for Europeans the afternoon is in full swing…


Glad I purchased mine during the Black Friday sale. Out of curiosity, are they all buying from the platform’s store or in game? I’ve found in game to be pretty reliable for me on PlayStation. I feel there might be a disconnect with the platform store. Granted, I’ve seen numerous issues in the past of others not getting their coins, especially on PlayStation. Not sure how they were purchasing since I think the PSN store only recently started allowing purchase via the store rather than just in game.