LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did

Absolutely LOVE that you finally gave proper animation to the wheel of pain!! There are no thralls in an empty wheel now. No unnecessary animation. Then when I put a thrall in there…I see the actual thrall. Then it can be turned off and on and the animation stops!!! LOVE it. Things are really coming along.

Now if you can just do the same for the blacksmith and Carpenter we’d be all set.


Myself also Dniezby. Something so small, but it has added sooo much value. Now I often find myself taking several minutes at a time to just stand there and watch the process. And being the caring individual that I am, burst into a loud maniacal laughter at times. :smiling_imp: :metal:


Ps-now if only we can get a whipping animation for our Taskmasters.


Oo la la. This is why I only use female taskmasters…


Lol. Do you know how many snowflakes play this game? Imagine the outcry. #endthesensitivity

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I haven’t placed a taskmaster yet. Is there an animation for them too???!!

Nope. no taskmaster animation. they just kneel there as with most other crafted thralls.


I’m actually surprised they did the animation pause on the Wheel of Pain when I think the most complained about is the blacksmith. I mean, I’ll take what we can get for now. It’s a huge step in the correct direction. Maybe it’s a “test run” before the update other benches?

We need to keep asking for this though…IMHO.

Poor solo thrall that has to move the wheels all on his/her own… :confused:

Jokes aside, I love these changes as well!

ROFLOL…That will be your best thrall…He worked the hardest. You know they’re a good worker and strong. LOL



I need this shirt.


Even better with the 8 man wheel with just a single thrall pulling the wheel



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