Lt people who open portal with golems be the ones to summon HK inside

so 5 times I have now helped with an Agiatated shard to open the portal only to find that once inside the summon ritual has already begun and another chance of acquiring the achievement is gone , its a bit unfair to those of us who gather our shards and maybe because of server load in loading in find that they get the message ’ Nothing happens ’ because oh joy your HK shard spot has already been Filled, please look into anomaly please funcom, only those whose who opened the portal in the 1st place should be the ones to summon and not have their chance ninjaed by another player, Thanks

Im pretty sure the summon inside is automated, and doesnt required anyone to do anything but wait.

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Uh. You get the achievement after a kill, not summoning AFAIK. I did GK/HK once, and got the achievement. Unless there is another one outside the event?

Angry Dance is given on SUCCESSFUL summoning the hatekeeper…if a golem isn’t used up it didn’t get used. Just keep using it until it disappears and than you should get the achievement.
Often one does use the golem but than the golem isn’t used in the summon since someone else already put that kind there, which leads to the golem/shard not getting used up and therefor not grant the achievement.

Just to clarify though, do you only need to use it successfully outside the portal? Or do you also need to summon again inside the portal? I think that’s the concern here…

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Only outside, inside is a completly scripted scene.^^


Had my shard get used twice with no consumption. It know people throwing out the angry punching consumable pet killer doesn’t help. Got it on my 3rd try though, kept spamming the shard off CD while waiting even when someone turned loose their murderous pet.

I noticed that just because you are the only one with a certain golem out doesn’t mean yours was first.

EXAMPLE: I put out my Irate golem. It was the only one. Then 3 other people put out 3 other golems. The gate portal opened.

CONCLUSION: From what I can tell all the golems from EVERY INSTANCE are combined to open the portal. Even though I was the only one in my instance to have an Irate golem, someone from another instance put their Irate golem up before me. So I did not get the achievement.


I think your conclusion is right and seems to be (semi-)confirmed by Nirvelle, SWL lead designer, on the official SWL discord.

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So what actually gets you the achievement?

Is it the summon outside the gate or the summon within the instance? Like with ThingFish, a couple of times Ive had a golem up outside but when the gate has opened I’ve got no achievement, and someone else has “supplied” the golem inside the instance.

It’s the summoning outside the gate, and only if your shard got used in the ritual. If you still have it when the portal opens, someone else’s shard was used instead. It appears to work across instances.

No shards are used within the event instance.

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Keep in mind that having them out doesn’t mean that necessary your golem gets picked for the summon since it uses the golems of all instances. So it can happen that someone else already used your specific golem for the summon.
That said as long as your golem doesn’t get used it also doesn’t get consumed.

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Thank you, and Leogrim, also; I’ll keep on trying…

Edit - Finally got it :slight_smile:

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