Lv 20 thrall disapeared whike building and died

Today i was building around a cliff as i always do with my lv 20 thrall in tow as its pvp and shes got my back.
Only today she vanished while i was building. No idea why or where she went. Typical thrall stuff when you get into closed areas and such. She comes back when you get back out in a morr open area. Today she didnt.

Ok maybe the thralls are doing that disapear till a fight starts thing. So i found a noc let it attack me and poof! Still no thrall.

I check the event log. There it was. Says she was dead.

Any idea how she died?
She has never died falling from the mountain before even when she soawns right ontop the brink i dismantle and she falls down the cliff side. She always spawns back near me.
There were no players on before or after.

Now i had thought maybe being more 900% that maybe i fell on her and she died but ive tried that on other thralls the clan owns and doesnt do anything following me or not.

I even took a clan thrall to the same area made a platform put it on it made it follow me and and removed the platform so it would fall to its doom just incase that is what happened.
Few tries at that didnt yield a dead thrall.

My lv 20 couldn’t have been killed by anything as the strongest thing around is a deer and she being lv20 with a 93 atk and more then 17k HP and full of gruel. Nothing around the area could have done it.

Server didnt act up. I never logged out. But she vanished while i was building and died.

Inwish the event log would saybhow your thralls died. Mine doesnt. Just said she died. Then i had to watch as the gear decayed. I couldn’t find a loot bag anywhere up and down the area. Even tossed myself off the cliff incause it got stuck on the way down if that was the case.
Does anyone know what happened to my thrall? Has it happened to others. What was the fault ?
Very frustrating.

well I don’t know if this will answer your question , but in some instances where I had my named bearer following me and I climbed down mountains just after running towards the edge of said mountain , seing my thrall follow me in a jump , then disapear mid-air , then when I was down on the ground , the thrall would tp next to me with a 200ish hp over the 9900 base hp it had , ( this was before the mount update though I don’t think it changed ) .
What I think happen to your thrall though , is you stood in a place where he spawned in the air/edge of moutain , fell down , repeatedly untill taking the last fatal fall damage . I already seen this behaviour before the mount update while standing on the top of an ( longest possible before having to put a 2nd one ) elevator , I saw my thrall spawn in the air , fall , hit the ground , then respawn in the air again to fall , untill death .

sorry for your losses :pensive:

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Have to agree, repeated fall damage will do it, as they often teleport to mid-air and fall when you are on a higher level.

Sucks to lose a good level 20 though, if only someone could have predicted that these posts would happen…


@Kanza1 and @LostInTim are correct.

After months of no issues, I lost four named bearers to fall damage in less than 2 weeks.

It sucks. I don’t Map travel to the Sinkhole if my thrall is injured because, about 30% of the time, their spawn results in fall damage.

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