Machines disappear!

why the machines disappear, i build blacksmith, carpenter… and 24 hour later, it disappear --> I lost 12 thrall lv 4
alchemist, carpenter, blacksmith and armorer… I think this is error.
P/s: Fix Error. Please !!!

@Weed This is an issue they are looking into as a matter or urgency. I’m sorry to hear of your losses, many of us suffered this too, just part of the experience of EA games mate. I’m sure they’ll find the cause so it never happens on the final release.

Hi PitMonk !!! Funcom want wipe sever Official, this is thuth ???
i do not want Funcom wipe sever. My team farm material very hard and i have big base, i don’t want you do that !!!

i play on PC !!

Sorry, but all Official servers will be wiped in 2 weeks. This is the hard part about the end of Early Access, your journey begins anew with the official release.

Many of the private servers are not (planning on) wiping at launch now that the combat system is implemented, and all launch will introduce is a few tweaks, bug fixes, and the new biomes.

Oh no !! Do you think about compensation for this incident ?

I think you should keep the character level to compensate the player first
Thank you !

By taking part in Early Access, we do get a recipe for Conan’s Royal Armor, when the full release finally drops (at least I’m pretty sure it’ll be a recipe and not a one time item). Something that those who buy it after May 8th will not receive.

I personally do not mind starting over, but I play on private servers with double xp and gathering rates, so it is half as much grind compared to pure vanilla. I can understand your concern, yet they have told us for months that there will be a wipe at launch, so that everyone has a fair footing to explore and level, and someone doesn’t already have resources blocked and t3 defenses everywhere.

Thank you Enyo!!
We will start a new journey, what I worry is that my enemies are very strong and crowded, the beginning is difficult when we
have pvp all the players in the server.