Magical Conan Exiles Please

A lot of companies have tried and failed but I believe Funcom has the best chance to create the best fantasy MMO.

Copy paste the game code, add magic like fireballs and lightning bolts. Get rid of thralls and add creature tames that you can ride.

Easy $100 game.


Funcom already did this.


I paid quite a bit less than that. And even got one of those special editions. And yes Age of Conan has much of the theme and flair of Conan Exiles, they reused quite a few concepts. Conan Exiles is pretty much a next gen version of AoC’s Battlegrounds.

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If you just wanted mounts without the slave NPCs I think you should go to ARCK.
The enslaved NPCs, even if as they are, are not complete or even useless (the fault of certain questionable choices by Funcom) are what makes the mark of Conan Exile.
As far as magic is concerned, it has already been debated that fireball type spells and others do not correspond to the story of Conan.

Dare suggest adding fireballs to this game …

For your edification: Follow the sorcerer’s corrupted path, ya peasant.
Then you can learn to call lightning.

Yeah, fantasy MMO! Enough of this boring survival sandbox games! And sword-and-sorcery is soooooo last century!

Ooh, and can we also add Blood Elf ninjas, Orc musketeers, and Tauren pirates? And can we ride dinosaurs and fly on dragons?

And while we’re at it, we could also get rid of these weird factions like Darfari and Cimmerians and Lemurians? That stuff is so boring, it’s not like any proper fantasy.


For now i expect to play this game too…

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