Make Anarchy Online More Noob Friendly - 2021


I have been playing AO on and off since about 2009. AO has never been beginners-friendly. It is a very complex game, with very little tutorial or information in the beginning.

I am not going to talk about the “noob-island”, in the beginning, but what comes after. I know many of these are well known “problems” about the game, and probably something that has been overlooked by FC for years. Although some of the things I come with is very easy to change, so I thought i just write them here - just in case. Feel free to come with comments on what you think =)

1: Make a universal subway.
All subways across AO should lead to the same instance (zone). This is because of the drop in population. Now the subway is basically empty all across AO. By this I mean that it does not matter if you enter Subway in Rome, Athens, Newland, Borealis - whatever, you all enter the same zone.

2: Make implants cheaper
Implants are expensive. After the rework of the implant-store in Borealis, now all clusters are ql 200 and cost about 1 million credits. So basically a lvl 25 beginner would need more than 1 mill for each implant piece he wants to put in. This is ridiculous pricing. I know that implants are less expensive in sided cities, like Rome or Athen, nevertheless they are way too expensive for beginners.

We also need to take in account that implants need to be created in the first place. If you do not have a high lvl toon making implants for you, you have to run around asking for someone to create all your implants. This makes “twinking” basically a hassle next to impossible. The pre-made implants you can buy from the shop are trash. There should also be a “general-implant” shop with pre-made implants of Treatment, Comp lit, Agility, Stamina, etc.

My suggestion is to make implants a lot cheaper and more accessible for new players. They should remove the implant assembly clinic, and rather have that clinic stationary inside shops, not requiring any skills to use. Knowledge of implants should also be mentioned in a tutorial/beginners guide in the game, since it is so essential for literally every aspect of the game.

3: More places for froobs to level
There have been little changes to AO over the years (no surprise there). Although they have managed to make it harder to level up for froobs. In the claw-camp, which was like “low lvl hecklers” for froobs, they have removed the fence and spawned hard-hitting slayerbots. This used to be amazing xp from lvl 30-60. Now the fast-running-heavy-hitting slayerbots have made this a deserted area as well.

Furthermore after Totw froobs need to go to formans, which is a instance with terrible XP. Where is the alternative here? We really need a place for froobs to be able to NT-kite, or an alternate area with better xp. You could at least bump the xp in foremans a bit, to not make it the most boring area ever.

Mort and PW has also been changed for froobs, removing fences that made froobs take advantage of the Cyborg-running-glitch. Cyborg could run towards the fence, while you could hit them, while self being left unharmed. Is this a game breaking bug? No. The XP was OK for froobs though, and was really the only area for them to level 100+.

Now after lvl 100 froobs really have no where to go. I guess all they have to do is dailies day after day. Boring as hell. It seems like FC are removing every OK place for froobs to level, making them only do dailies. What is the point of this? You make so little changes for the game, and the only ones you do makes the game less fun? Rubika is a giant deserted map, and now because of the changes it is more deserted than ever.

4: Low level battlestation
The battlestation is the same as it has ever been. I have been playing som 220 bs lately, and it can be fun. The bs is often running. Although we could use a new bs, just a new layout or something different would be lovely.

The problem about the bs is that only the 220 bs is running. All the other bs are bascially empty wastelands. A fix to this would be to lower the player minimum count. In my opinion, all bs below 151-200 should only requie minimum of 6 players instead of 8. It also would have been better with a smaller battlestation area, but I know that is never going to happen. Lowering the minimum req of players from 8 to 6 would hopefully get it to run more often.

5: More open GMI
The GMI is currently only available for paid players. This makes it a lot harder for froobs to get items that they require, even though they might be inexpensive. One argument against making GMI “free for all”, is that its going to lead to a lot more credit sellers. Well my suggestion is not to make it “free for all”, but you should be able to BUY of GMI, even if you are a froob. This means you can buy items, but not sell anything. This would make it better for both paid players and froobs in the game, and would also not lead to credit sellers on the GMI.

6: Less expensive subscription
This is a no-brainer. If you consider any other game-subscription up against AO, you get the least bang for the buck with AO. Take a look at XBOX Game pass, with houndreds of games open to play for the ammount of $9.99 a month. Look at other big titles coming out with new, and exciting content every month - still way cheaper than AO.

I just dont understand AOs business model. Of course if you lower the price, more players are gonna come. AO players have multiple accounts and are probably gonna spend money on multiple accounts as well. Paying 15$ a month is a crime. If you want 2 accounts you need to pay 30$. People in my org, including me, are not willing to do that. If you would have lowered the price to something more reasonable, like 5-10$, more people would start playing again, and you would actually earn more than before.

I really hope that in the 20th anniversary of AO in June 2021, they have great offers in price. 1 free week with huge discounts in price might bring AO back to life.

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I agree on all points except for #4. It should require no more than 2 people on each side and it should continue running if it starts at all, no matter if there’s players on both sides or not :slight_smile:


my 5 cents
A different subscription model can “cure” online.
something like an idea:

  • one IP - one connected free normal account at a time.
  • you need to pay for each active additional account (aka multibox chars)
  • keep alive froobs acc for free.

How it might work:

  • You can create multiple full normal accounts for free.
  • You can enter the game for free with only one char at a time.
  • Each subsequent simultaneous connection requires payment of a subscription for each connected account.
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  1. there is a single subway in ICC. Aren’t the old ones in sided cities closed already?

  2. yes, clusters should be available cheaper easier. But since you can still go to sided shops.this isn’t a big problem. Also 1m is really easy to get nowadays. Just make sure you roll some buffing items at low levels.

  3. have you heard of The reck? Great xp for lvl90-170 i believe. And IS is still also a thing. Combined with daily missions you will fly to 150+.

  4. low levels be should run more often. But the 151-200 runs almost every day during peak times.

  5. Would be nice. Even if it was only to buy from GMI for froobs, not sell.

  6. Might be an option. But will directly influence the income of FC so they will probably not do this.

Hey there and thanks for your response!

2. 1 mill is easy to get - if you know how. I think about all the froobs or the few new players in AO, they will have a tough time. Think about that a full implantset consists of 13 implants. That would make a minimum of 13millions. If you add that you will probably need to ladder treatment implants at least 3 times, we can add 3x (eye, head, r-hand) = 9 million extra. Now we can also include laddering stamina and agility, which is normal to use when laddering implants. Lets say we also ladder that 3 times, that gives us 3x (chest, waist, leg, feet) = 12 million.

To sum things up here, every time you would like to put in some new and better implants, where you ladder 3 times treatment/abilities first, you will need 13+9+12= 34millions. This is if you buy the 1m shiny cluster. As me you said we can easily go to a sided city to buy implants. Rome is dead, and i guess Old athens is as well. This would mean you would need to run to a sided city, buy implants, run back to Borealis to get buffs and someone to actually create the implants. This process would need to be repeated. It would be much easier if you could just do the whole process in Borealis itself, by lowering the cost drastically. The community is in Borealis, and so is the buffs.

3. I have not heard of The Reck! I guess it is a new area? I will have to check it out I guess. I still think that there should be more options after ToTW. Even if The Reck is a great area (i need to visit the place first) i think froobs lack areas to lvl 60-100.

Even 34m is easy to get. And if you can ladder treatment 3 times you should be able to go to the cheaper shops too. For example a lot of nanos that are mission rewards sell for 50m-100m a piece. Even the ql120ish ones.

On a 200 froob fixer I made ~1b in a single day from selling rollable nanos.

The reck is amazing xp. Very good loot too.
Also don’t forget biomare&crypt of home exist for the level range you named.

Just go play a bit more in the new economy and zones and see how you feel in a few weeks.

5 :: Yes open “maybe” GMI for Froobs, so they can buy old RUBI KA stuff. But, when Froobs can buy stuff from GMI, than FC has to filter all LE, SL and AI, GMI Stuff, so that Froobs can not buy stuff they don’t can use.

6 :: AO is at $9.99 a month, when you buy 12 Months or not?
1 M, 3 M even 6 M is expensive. 12 M is the only way to go, or do you have too much money? Cause pay for only 1 M, is the worst idea you can have here as “normal” Pay Player. 1 M “high price” is good for GRACE and will stay this way, as a nice to have income thing for FC or? ^^

And YES implants are expensive, but you can get all Implant and Cluster stuff in Rubi-Ka Missions… click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, SAVE and RUN :stuck_out_tongue: And new Player have to do it anyway, for all higher non Vendor Nano Programs.

AO, enjoy it while it lasts!


I see a very nice and mature AO community here, new player get help, when they ask for advice, and we have websites like AOU, … BUT something like AOU, or a HIINT, has to be PART of the AO NooB Tutorial Zone. A Noob need something like AOU to play AO at all!. Looks like some Player quit after Subway, because they don’t know what comes NEXT, this ICC HOLO Building, is not the best way. Just bring a Freelancer NPC here to ICC, for the NooB’s. Do we need both, Omni and Clan Freelancer TQ Buildings today? Is one place for all Player, not better as TQ HUB to find TQ Teams?

AO Noob ? Before you start with AO, go here
And when you like AO, pay for 12 Months, that’s the way to go and have the most fun!

Beware, subjective opinions from a old player like me, nothing more.

*i think: most complaints about Froob comes from PayAcc’s they like to get more out of a own Froob Acc and don’t like to pay a second Acc, on the other hand, AO is a Team MMO, without Team “you need”, 2 AO Acc’s, one pay and one froob… this is a unwritten rule since years…

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