Make Animals/Thralls Great Again


So, I’ve found recently, whenever I venture into the Volcano with a human thrall or animal pwt, I get a message:
Your thrall has died in the Volcano and is no longer following you.

Lol… it was just next to me. I can understand that the notion to preserve life has been lost in an algorithm. How have the animals and thralls suddenly bwv6stupid and no longer follow the safe routes, to just fall off cliffs, fall in lava, or attack at random?

Volcano is where all our pets and thralls go to die.

Funcom should consider reworking and renaming it to “The Boneyard” and add corpses in various stages of decay all around the lavas edge

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i find it refreshing that in AT least one biome thralls and animals r not reliable! reminds me of old Conan comic books when something bad happened all fled away and Conan had to work his way around …

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