Make animations less static. Special Moves & Parrying & Counterattacks

I suggest to make fighting moves to be more dynamic (more dynamic, not neccessarily faster). Mount & Blade, platform games, Mortal Combat and CE 2h-swordfighting were my inspiration, and idea grew as i was writing it. In M&D you cen feel every fraction of action and you have control of your character at every given fraction of a seconds, and i thought: What if you could swing your sword in such an awesome way whirling it around with your mouse, meanwhile the attack animations in CE are so “static”, combo that you actually have is that same combo made from 2 buttons and is not very intuitive. How about some Special Moves like in Mortal Combat like you know: Left+Up+X / Righ+Down+O etc. I thought: why would conan’s manuevers be so realiant on a single move that is rolling(dodgeing). Why can’t i thrust my spear/javelin while moving backwards or do left direction swing with my sword in the direction that i desire to do? So what i came up with were the “special moves”, the rewarding parrying and even counterattack mechanics, some other weapons in this ideas can have more freedom of movement while not being dependant on dodge(rolling). Enjoy :metal: :

:point_right: Few examples of new moves:
-Hold right or left direction (button) + light attack = Attack from the right/left side with a step in the said diretion.
-Hold right/left (+forward optionally) + strong attack = Strong attack from the right or left side while doing sidestep or leaping to the said direction.
-Hold foward + light or strong attack = Attack while making a step forward or frontal leap or thrust attack
-Hold backward + light attack = Attempt Parry Manuever to block enemy side attack while standing still.
-Hold backward + strong attack = Parry manuever attempting to block side attack while making a step back.
-Hold backward + left + light attack = Parry manuever attempting to block non-right-directed attack(*-the same direction that you are moving for the opponent), while making a step or leap to the left.

:point_right: Blocking with a shield with that specific “blocking key” would not be replaced by Parry Manuever. It would still exist for covering yourself from arrows and would grant protection from melee attacks but would cost stamina to block and would not benefit from Parrying recovery bonuses mentioned below :point_down: .

:point_right: How would this work?
1. Getting hit no longer stuns you (exept for hit from mace/maul maybe. This point is rather important more down below :point_down:).
2. A successful hit on enemy (hits parried or missed does not counts, blocked does however) could grant you faster recovery time from that attack for next action of your choice, so that you can run away or “hit and run”, or to perform your custom combo with next attacks, or change your weapon for example.
3. Recovery time from attack or parry manuever should be shorter for parry attempt than it would be for next attack or any other action. It means that you can perform parry attempt before you can attack yet, so that you could stop or prevent enemy attack combos on you but only if you parried attack sucessfully, (remember point 1 :point_up: ).
4. Performing a successfull parry would mean that you blocked the hit and took no damage from it and also you recover from parry manuever faster than if it wouldn’t be sucessfull (enemy bluffed his attack f.e.), so that you can quickly counter-attack starting your combo or to take any other action: change weapon for example or fall back.
And that also means that if you predict enemy attacks well you will get a free recovery time, enabling you to perform very nive combos if you are lucky enough ^^ -recovering time from PARRYING manuever (or maybe even attacking move) could also be affected by your agility (that’s optional)
5. Daggers would be unable to parry but also they would ignore enemy parry attempts (exept for parry manuever while holding a shields).
6. You would be unable to parry with spears, javelins and axes (as it makes no sense imo), but you would be granted more attacks with them: moving backwards, swings, aoe, reach, thrust, at will, you know. You can allways equip shield to parry with it if you’re using axe or javelin. While holding a javelin you would be able to throw it by using “block” key, if you want to cover with it you have to take the javelin off.
7. In any case if parrying makes no particular sense in a current fight that you are at you can you can still roll out(dodge) from close combat at any given moment.
8a. Strong attacks would take longer to perform but would be more devastating and maybe even stunning (no pun intended, i mean litrally to stun enemy). :ok_hand: It’s optional. This option or the one below:
8b. Parrying would be reserved for swords(including katanas) and shields solely BUT stunning would be reserved for mauls and maces even allowing you to perform combos that can stunlock the enemy indefinitely, it means for as long as you have stamina for maintaining the combo and as long as enemy does not break it by rolling out of it (if he has the stamina for it). :ok_hand: This option or the one above.

:point_right: Pros?
-Can you imagine these epic katana duels(leaps to the left and right, parrying and counterattacks) or fighting daggers or spears rolling around in the fights and swinging them all around and making leap attacks at will etc. making all sorts of combos in any directions of your choice at any time? Awesome “dance of death”.
-Every weapon with “kinda” unique playstyle that comes from it’s limitations and perks.
-M&B for comparison to comparison to conan feels very dynamic in every fraction of a second. There’s a high skillfloor to learn how to fight but also extremely high (but rather intuitive) skillcap. The mechanisms that i wrote here seems to have all of the benefits combined imo.
-You can use some current animations and just change the other ones to fit in.
-It should bring weapons to balance kind of, like shield working against daggers, i doubt if there are any pvp shield users so, you get my point.
-You Funcom wanted to transfer more power from the thralls to the players, HERE IT IS ! Not everything but still something.
-I have not mentioned dual wielding, right? If you were about to use one-handed sword in one hand and throwing axes/daggers in another you will be able to make all manuevers and throw “things” at enemy, i guess it sounds funny.
-Special Moves easier to learn than current combos.
-You can give it some awesome animations
-Darn awesome barbaric 2-handed swords duels with alot of parrying, passing by one another and things like that. 2h-swords and katanas will finally get something awesome to do with them ! :metal: :smiling_imp: :metal:

:point_right: Cons:
-That would also take to implement changes to the npcs, for them to fit the players’ new moves and combos.
-You would have to rework animations
-Not sure how console movement would handle it, but there is allways some solution like: make console players to be allways able to lock their targets, console servers would not have an option to turn it off. In this case the controls at PS4 could may be even better than on PC (because of a (joystick)
-Unintended daggers’ buff due to them gaining benefit of comboing while being almost affected by parrying (you know what to do with it, right? :upside_down_face:)

Current combat system is not that bad, but attack animations are totally static and combos are and never were very intuitive, even if 4 hit combo’s are looking so good (new animations can look great too, right?).

I’ll gladly recieve any thoughts and comments on this idea !
May the lamentation of their women be with you … or “the force”, duh, i mixed the quotes again.
Choose whichever suits you more :wink:

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I have to say i like the combat for its simplicity.

But adding diffrent blocks/counters with a spear or so maybe would be cool.

U wrote alot in this thread, its good suggestions but in all honesty the simple system is fine :grin:

They just removed animation canceling. Now they need to observe and make animation/damage adjustments to the weapons.

Spear is still on top if the players is very good with it.

I created special moves in my Javelin Improved mod. Not as complex as some of your ideas as your ideas would require a lot more coding then Im capable of doing.

But basically I created 6 step combos if the player performs the right key sequence.

For example, depending on which weapons are equipped, the 6 step combo would be done like:

Light, heavy, light, heavy, heavy, heavy.

Anyways, not sure where I’m going with this. It’s certainly possible to do with how the back end currently operates. Funcom could do it way better then I could though, custom animations, more complex combos with holds and what not, etc.

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It is simple, very simple, despite it sounds complicated. I think that it would “feel” a bit complicated only at first before you get the controls. There’s an upside to all “complicated” things, they have more depth.
And thank you for feedback.

I used your mod and i really liked it :slight_smile: I’m a big fan of yours :slight_smile:

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