Make RF a one week a month event like WB and PVP Festival?


So you are expecting to see random groups for the highest and most difficult raid in the game? Good luck with that, you wont find that in any game. Sure I can start such raid but we wont be successful at all and just waste lots of time.


Indeed. Do you think back in the 2008 T1 or T2 or T3 were easy to make in blue/green gears? The first 2 bosses in T6 are a joke.

So you are not capable to handle a T5 pug, you do not join RF, then tell me, why do you have to make “suggestions” that other players might not agree with? Be part of it and give a suggestion, if you are not part of it yours are just “suggestions” and not suggestion.

In easy words you have no clue what you are talking about.

Feel free to add whatever you want, i’m done with this discussion not gonna make this topic a flame, but i do want to make clearly the difference between someone who plays the RF and gives suggestions, and someone who does not play RF and is giving “suggestions” about something he has no clue about. Regards.


I’m getting confused, do you mean you expect people to start pugs that start without having the goal of doing a successful full clear , like “kill 2 easy boss and that’s it” ?


No, I do not lead raids, I did lead a couple of T3 and even T4 PUG raids some years ago on the german servers but even there if you have PURELY global people it’s an extreme hassle to get it working, simply because it’s not well organized (and that excludes even the language barrier that we got nowadays in some cases). The new nerfed versions are no problem anymore, they are on par with the RF versions in most cases.

Did I ever say I do not join RF? I do, I even farmed it this week because nothing was going on and I payed for premium - so I could either let my premium time rot away by not coming online or make “the best” out of this situation. Was it boring and unfun? Yes, of course it was. Were the 3 T3.5 PUG raids I did in the last few weeks more fun? Yes, indescribable more fun.

I can’t even make sense of this sentence. “Why do you have to make suggestions that others might not agree with?” Look into the adress line of your browser, read the word after the “https://”, what does it say? Forums. Forums exist so people can post suggestions and opinions and discuss about them.

Makes no sense again, I am part of the game, I participate in most activities in this game, I dislike some of these activities, namely the raid finder, because they (negatively) effect other parts of the game.


Funny how people mention pug raids, but they are not important. Have you guys forgotten the dungeons are the most important content in the game? It is them that possess the coolest mechanics, enemies and environments. Raids are for end gear, dungeons are for fun and for vanity hunting. Also, it’s a great place to teach RF nubs how to play, and then ban them from your groups if they put no effort into the content.

Also, since chaos was mentioned, it would be great if ppl had more respect for Carnage Conqs in Chaos. We are just as good dps as the other classes. We might not have FH or whatever garbage the other was, but hell, we can kick *ss


Carnage Conqs, annnnnnd here we go :roll_eyes:

@ISawTheDevil: Please invite me to your next T5 or T6 pug raid (Kantakwa ingame) - if not stop comparing PUGs to RF because you have no clue about the former (because the ONLY real PUGs are T5 and T6 of course).


Plura interrogantur a stulto, quam queant a sapiente dilui.


I know this a bit off topic - Since I started this game back in 2011, the PuG raids that were run on a regular basis was the tiers one or more lower than the top tier. It has never been a trend that the latest raid tier is run as global-filled PuG raids… even when people advertise in global to fill them is off a back-bone of in-guild or pre-organised raid force.
What I mean by this was that it was t1 and t2 pugs being run when t3 was the top tier available.
I started seeing t3 PuGs when t4 was “on farm” for a couple of years. T3.5 PuGs only after they nerfed it and it was being run routinely by guild groups. Often the t3, 3.5 and 4 PuGs that were run prior to RF starting had a core group from one guild or groups of friends. There were only ever a couple of completely independent pug raid leaders … and even then they got a following over time.

But even though this is how is has been for AoC … in the year prior to RF starting there WERE t5 Yak PuGs formed … they didn’t usually attempt to go further but they’d get the Yak kill. I had seen t6 pugs form as well but the two people who wanted to lead those lost interest in the game.


There actually is a pug group that does T5, but it will never ask for people in global for the basic reason that the average global player is horrible and having even 1 of them can be a wipe at bosses like vistrix and honourguard.


Let’s talk about you, devil. You have clearly no clue about PUGs and endcontent. You just want to get carried through T5 and T6 without putting any effort in, but you still blame others for not doing it.

Like Kantakwa already said, how about you starting some T5 and T6 PUGS?

@Garrus-N7 CONQ is TANK class. Why should another tank do your job and share his loot with you? Lately you wanted to join my chaos run as DPS while i was looking about 20 mins for a tank and dps and left because it didn’t fill in about 5 minutes.


He’s just irational. Too me it seems like he’s obviously trolling us…


I wish there were more pugs. My guild raids while I’m at work, plus I’m on Australia time and never see pugs. I think my time zone makes the game feel dead as you Americans and Europeans are most likely asleep when I want to play.

Another thing, it’d be great to remove restrictions from raids. If people can farm raid farmer all day, why can’t people farm actual raids. Not that it’ll happen, but if people wanted to run T2 W3 a couple of time that week, let them.


Did you try to start some raids yourself? Not sure how it is your gametime, but often people are just waiting for someone to start something.


Still waiting for LFG Dungeon Queue. Would be great if we could queue up for a dungeon for extra rewards or random for even more rewards


it would bring a lot of trouble, like people without aas, or unable to do the dungeon …


For AAs the LFG Queue could have requirements. Ezpz.


This is what I initially thought was happening before they released the raid finder. Upon the release of raid finder I was very disappointed.


Ignore the troll!!!

One of the responders of this topic is in every forum being a troll.

I agree RF has a time and place but if we limit it to 1 week a month now we have 3 weeks of the month consumed by something.


1 week of the month WB

1 week is PvP event

1 week RF

That would be 3 weeks and now we have 1 week left to farm our tooshies off in real raids, but maybe it’s a good thought since PvP event is like maybe a handful.


I’m with the make RF one week a month faction.

I can’t believe anyone farms Raidfinder because they enjoy it. Doing they same dumbed down raid again and again with a group of trolls and leaches can’t be anyone’s idea of fun. Except for the trolls and leaches ofc :wink:


I think 1 week is too much(boring), I think 2 days every week, Mondays/ Tuesdays or Wednesdays/ Thursdays… or any 2 days except weekends. That way you have a bit of rf every week. Heck I’ll be happy with 2 days a week diff event ex: Monday/ Tuesday RF, Wednesday/ Thursday WB, Friday/ Saturday PVP… every other day something else.