Make the items of power (the things you made the key stoen with) ACTUALLY do something

Give us an incentive for gathering them other than gain the ability to delete your character.

Since they’re supposed to be powerful items needed to craft the bracelets that enable automatic language translation, teleportation and who knows what else, it’s silly they don’t do anything when you collect them.

And yeah, I know, “bla bla, would be too op”, “bla bla ppl farm them, brake pvp meta, bla bla”.


Actually it would be too bad to keep them like a charm in your inventory. Each piece gives +1 to a different stat or something


I wish we could use them to power up lower tier thralls to s higher level. For example: you can upgrade the HP of a lower tier name thrall to match a higher tier named thrall level.

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The intended “purpose” is to delete your char to start over… SOMETHING YOU CAN DO AT ANY GIVEN POINT FROM THE PAUSE MENU (Recreate Character), you don’t even need admin rights. The whole quest to get them is just useless.


I’d love to see them do something (other than deleting your character), even if only to be lit up as tokens at the side of the character portrait once found. I don’t recall how many of the items there are, but each giving a +1 bonus to a different attribute doesn’t sound unreasonable or over-powered.


Yeah I agree Larathiel, that would be cool. Or even if they could be used as placeables too; they would look great in my trophy room.

Now regarding them giving a +1 to Attributes bonuses. I agree that +1 is reasonable. Now regarding the atrifacts to attribute classes (eg- Vitality, Strength, etc). There are currently 6 Artifacts to 7 Attributes. HOWEVER, there is actually intended to be 7 Artifacts. The final piece (Essence of the Serpent Ring) is dropped by The Mummy of the Ring, who is not currently implemented in the game (I tentavively predict he will come with the final dungeon). So although we should need all 7 to remove the Bracelet, we currently only need 6 while we wait for the Mummy to make his appearance.

So my point is…7 Attributes to 7 Artifacts (soon enough); definately doable.

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Placeables we could put on display would be really cool!

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There is a mod that allows to make trophies of all those useless thingies :wink: And if you really want to use them you can just dismantle trophy and get it back. It’s a good way to keep them and decorate your base I think. Funcom should add this to vanilla game.


Except that one thing, which is kinda annoying to obtain, can be traded against a black yeti…

So your statement is already invalid.

Or, considering how the Serpent Ring of Set was an item of great sorcerous power in the original books (and also supported by Mek-Kamoses’s dialogue in-game), maybe the item will be introduced with Sorcery.

Which is probably later than Soon™.

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I agree Larathiel. Seeing as how they are unique and special items, I say even have them hover ever so slightly off the horizontal surface, glow and rotate like the Kamidogu on Mortal Kombat Deception. And it would ideally have to be vanilla, as us poor sods on console dont have mods. :confused:


While it is a cool idea Kapoteeni, it could only work if Thoth Amon himself actually returned to the Exiled Lands. If I interpreted the lore correctly, The Mummy does not have the Serpent Ring, his Artifact is the ESSENCE of it; a mere slither of it because he was bound to Thoth Amon by sorcery. Thoth Amon himself fled back to Stygia after stealing the Serpent Ring from the GiantKings.

Don’t think anyone has suggested anything like that, and using such hyperbole isn’t exactly a strong argument against anything folks have suggested here.

Here is something they can do for the keystones, have a vendor that will take the keystones to purchase a name thrall or something. Don’t always have to be some combat item.


Yeah, this was how I understood it, too. But wouldn’t just the essense of the ring contain enough power to awaken the sorcerous potential in our character? The Ring itself would give great power; the Essence could just give a spark we could then level-up into something greater.

(No, I don’t really want sorcery into the game. Just throwing in ideas. But I would like the artifacts to have an actual use.)

Please forgive the late reply Kapoteeni, my level of mail both on the forum and in PM has gone crazy since I won Asura. Quite possibly, Im not overly well versed in the lore of the Serpent Ring, but it would make for an interesting way to acquire it. Im not too sure I want it myself. I worry it may upset the feel and dynamic of the environment. I am willing to be open minded if they add it though. Just so long as it isnt reall in ‘in our faces’. I dont know, Im just not sure how to feel about sorcery. But I agree in terms of a use for the 7 Artifacts.

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